Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sunday Early Edition

Well, sort of early.
Earlier than the maybe Late Edition anyways.
So, these past few weeks have been busy ones for me.
Glad it's finally over.
Sort of.
I've been busy organizing the first annual Art Festival at school.
Okay, it's sort of the second annual since we did one last year, but last year it was only like a video festival.
This year, I had a photo exhibit, some 2D work, the dance club, and some drama kids doing some skits.
It really wasn't that hard to organize since all I had to do was get the space and schedule stuff.
The hard part was the video and photo.
Here I am last week, printing and a matting all the pictures:

I wanted the kids to experience a real show/exhibit thingy so I just took submissions and I had a guest artist jury the work.
He picked the top three, ten honorable mentions and the rest.
Out of sixty six submissions I ended up hanging forty five in our administration building:

I also had to organize the video submissions and the judging for that.
Glad that's over too.
The hardest part is handing that stuff off and waiting for others to do their jobs.
I can't really press for they volunteer and I know we're all busy, busy, busy!
Anyways, we did better than last year when only ten folks showed up.
This year we got maybe twenty!
Okay, not really.
Maybe it was more like twenty five.
I would have had more pictures but I was busy like hell doing stuff I should have done the day before.
If you know what I mean.
So next year, I'm trying to plan three photo shows.
One in the beginning of the year, one around winter break, and the last one being the Art Festival.
There's some rumblings around work that I can't get into.
Rumors don't you know.
Stay tuned.
Well now that its' over, sort of, more on that later, I just want to take a nap and then maybe go out for a ride on my bicycle.
Laziness drills; practice makes perfect.
Lemme tell you, I need the practice.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sunday Final

How are you?
Hope all is well out there in Bloggerland!
Well I've been busy as usual.
Work stuff don't you know.
I've also been a riding my bicycle.
My bicycle.
That took about two weeks.
From the bicycle to my bicycle I mean.
Rolling, rolling, rolling.
I've mostly been out doing four or five mile jaunts, here and there.
You know, getting the ole legs back to steam piston like form.
Sort of.
Been out riding at night too; just got back about an hour ago from a short trip around the park.
Lemme see if my Prevaricating Garmin still works:

What I've found is that I really miss riding around.
So much so that it's become more about riding around than stopping and taking pictures.
I mean mostly I'm a riding around and I don't want to stop!
Okay, not really.
I stop sometimes:

There I am with my boat in the background.
Okay, not really.
About the boat part.
It was my boat but I had to sell it.
Okay, not really.
About both parts.
So anyways, I've been a busy a riding and goofing and a riding and a goofing.
Then there's work.
I got that big Art Festival coming up and I have a few loose ends to take care of.
Seems like you always have time then all of a sudden the deadlines loom!
Looming very close they are; we are a go on April 14!
Two weeks!
Okay, less riding and goofing and more a working and well, a working!
Except maybe at night:

I think maybe I'm still allowed to goof around at night.
Stay tuned.