Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sunday Final

Some pics from when I went out with the kids.
I find that I don't have time to do my own thing; well I am supposed to be watching them.
It's a it difficult for they all want to do their own thing and once we get to where we're going I just sort of let them go and do whatever it is they do.
Here they are at the bottom of the shot, wasting good light:

I learned that it's hopeless to offer any help, they're going to do it how they think it's supposed to be done which is a good thing.
Or not.
I still catch them doing crazy things like shooting at an insane ISO in bright daylight.
They still haven't really gotten the hang of the relationship between ISO, shutter and aperture yet.
I think.

Okay, I did have time to peel off some shots.
I tend to have the kids figure out the camera stuff on their own.
I shoot Nikon and we have all Canons at school and I haven't even bothered to read the manuals so I couldn't help them if I wanted to.
Instead of learning the camera, they want the short cut: they just want me to tell them what's wrong.
Not me.
Figure it out, I tell them.
I mean a camera is a camera but both the Nikons and Canons have their little quirks.
After this shoot, I think they are beginning to realize that the camera is pretty much useless unless you know how to use it.
If you know what I mean.
So anyways, back to the drawing board tomorrow as I have some new strategies to try out.
Stay tuned.

Sunday Early Edition

So we're working on portraits.
Use the lighting I tell them.
Two lights minimum, front light, back light, side light, top light, bottom light, whatever light.
Think outside the box.
I'm really getting tired of saying that.
How about 'be unconventional?'
What do I get back?
Year book pictures.
Mug shots.
Lemme show you how to do it:

Figuring how much time they spend online, and all that these kids are exposed to these days, you'd think they could come up with some interesting stuff.
I finally had to take the lead and show them.
Grab the hat!
Grab the umbrella!
The lights!
Use the lights!
Like this:

Look, I tell them, go on the webz and copy something!
I know they see it, but they can't translate it into their own work.
Or they don't know how to deconstruct it.
Or something.
Okay, some of them get it.
I had a bunch coming in on their own time to fool with the lights and work it.
Work it baby!
I think maybe it's me.
I set the expectations too high and they don't want to give me any crappy work.
Don't give me any crappy work! I tell them.
Or maybe they're just ashamed to work it in front of the whole class.
Work it baby:

This ain't like pulling teeth!
Put a dude here, put a girl there, put a light here, put a light there.
Shoot away!
I know they can do it.
I know.
So why don' they?
Do I need to show you again?
Grab that camera!
Stand here.
You stand there.
Hold this.
Look surprised:

Seriously, it took me two minutes to think that one up.
I'm the one with the degree, I'm the one that's supposed to be teaching this stuff.
Can you teach art?
Can you teach creativity?
They got the technical skills.
What I can't give them, not in the time I have, is my background.
They haven't seen all I've seen.
Hell, some of them can't even see yet!
I often forget that some can't visualize; put it all together in your head.
Seems so easy for me I have a hard time relating with those who struggle.
Need a new plan.
Try a different angle.
Or something.
On Monday.