Saturday, July 13, 2019

A Tale of Two Pictures

The Closer.
That's me.
No, I'm not Kyra Sedgwick.
Way too fat.
I did close deals though.
For four and half years, I was a closer.
The salesman would line his customers up, and then I would go in, most times cold, and close the deal.
So I think I got qualifications.

Something bothers me about this image.
If I was going into this room cold, trying to close a deal, do I talk to the guy on the left, or the guy on the right?
Who has the power here?
The guy on the right, look at his posture.
Relaxed, sitting back in the chair, appears to be observing.
What is he saying?
He doesn't have to say anything.
The guy on the left?
Apprehensive, sitting on the edge of his seat.
Looks a little unsure.
Goofing around with his hands.
Waiting for the other guy to say something.
Better yet, looking for the other guy to say something.
What is this guy trying to say?
I'll deal with the guy on the left, but look to the guy on the right when it's time to close.
I know he has the final say.
Obvious, no?

Whose the boss here?
Kinda hard to tell really.
Then again the guy on the right looks like he's waiting for the guy on the left to tell him to go somewhere.
Or maybe the guy on the right just knows his place.
Who do you close here?
Pretty obvious.
The guy on the right looks like he has no business being there.
I'll talk to the guy on the left.
A closer.
You have to be able to read it, most times within five seconds or you're not going anywhere.
I'll be first to admit that sometimes I got it wrong.
Then again you don't make a living at it by being wrong.
I try not to be political.
I don't even vote.
I can observe.
A tale of two pictures.
You don't even have to be Captain Obvious.

Thanks to Getty Images for the pics.

Wednesday, July 3, 2019