Friday, December 31, 2010

New Era

Yes my friends, it is indeed a new era.
Time passes, things change.
Nothing, as they say, stays the same.
Well, except for death and taxes.
Things here at The Flat Tire have been in turmoil.
An upheaval of sorts, as attitudes and commitments have strayed from their original courses.
Everything before today shall be known as the era Before the Bianchi(BB), and after today, it shall be known as the era After the Bianchi(AB).
I swear, I never thought I'd get on road bike and live to enjoy it.
I mean talk about your self torture contraption!
It's like getting down on all fours looking for a contact lens and pedaling at the same time!
A new level of pain and suffering.
That's what I have discovered.
Or maybe it's the happy glow of that celeste paint, iridescent and illuminating, emanating a warm fuzzy that just cannot be denied!
I am hooked.
Okay, now for the look back.
At the BB era.
For one thing, my miles this year are a disappointment.
I was hoping to best last years miles, but a change in schedule and ill health stood in my way.
Not this year!
It's the AB era baby!
I did travel far last year though.
I got my cadence up to respectable levels, at least for me, and my cardio got way better. The cadence thingy helped as did the heart rate monitor.
I've never felt better.
Finally, I got off the couch and got back on the wheel, the ceramic wheel that is.
Got me in a show, and won some stuff, and my work is going on public display in some bathroom somewhere.
Okay, not really.
I don't know where it's going.
The good thing is, that after a longish layoff, I feel inspired again, motivated to create, and more importantly, willing to make time to make these things happen.
Except when Law & Order is on.
Despite the fact that it seems like I spend half my life confined to a chair getting my blood cleaned, I feel like I did a lot this year.
Sort of.
I mean I could have done more.
You can always do more.
If you know what I mean.
Which brings me to this blog.
The world wide media empire of The Flat Tire.
It, the blog I mean, has allowed me to share and grow with folks I only know mostly anonymously.
I mean I do know some of you out there in readerland.
Mostly though, it makes me want to do things.
It makes me want to get up and go ride!, explore the roads, look at things, and get all artsy fartsy.
From the modest offices here at Flat Tire Central, I get to travel all over the world.
Okay, maybe just the western hemisphere, but you get the idea.
I mean I read about folks in Texas, Arizona, California, and my own backyard, the Big Island, and I get to peek a little into what you all are up to.
Let me tell you, it's been an inspiring journey.
I'm looking forward to next year.
Okay, not really for I got to go back to work and who knows what that will bring.
Still, I'm looking forward to visiting your neighborhood and seeing what you, the reader, see and what you are thinking and feeling.
I also got a few projects left to finish up.
We here at The Flat Tire would just like to say thanks.
So thanks.
Or as they say around these parts, mahalo.
It's been a nice ride.
I'm all ready to get going!
It's the AB era don't you know.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Honeymoon is Over

Okay, not really.
I mean I'm still digging the Bianchi, but I'm starting to find out some things about it that need my attention.
It rides great!
Even with them mini tires, it may be even smoother than The Flat Tire Nitro Flash.
Dare I say it might be faster?
No computer yet so I can't tell for sure, but seat of the pants says this bike flies!
Okay, the not so good.
In cleaning the chain today, I got the trusty ole Park Tool chain thingy and to no surprise, the chain is toast.
I could tell when I was applying the Chain-l No.5 for the small wheel thingys on the chain were like ready to fall out:

I got a spare chain here so I'll put that on tomorrow.
Or not.
The other thing I found was some frayed cable:

Not enough to cause me worry, but enough to make me want to replace all the cables including the brakes.
Which I had to adjust a bit, for the fronts were a little off center.
I'll tell you, I've been spending some time on these Campagnolo sites for this stuff is really different to me.
I mean it's like they made this stuff in a foreign country or something!
Everything is like, different!
You'd think that they'd have enough courtesy so that some of my Shimano tools would work on it too.
Noooooo, Campy has to be all unique and proprietary.
So, I got on order a lock ring tool and a bottom bracket tool.
Let me tell you, even the controls are all goofy!

The controls have a thumb lever to upshift, which is sort of good for you can grab/press like three gears at a shot. Going down, you can only grab two.
In the front, it's a little harder to figure out.
Same thumb lever and action, but it sometimes takes two hits on the lever to get that puppy up on the big ring.
You can also use the thumb shifter and lever to trim out the front.
I found myself doing that some as I took the bike out for a little shakedown cruise.
Now the bars:

Those bars make me feel like a very large person on a very small bike.
Reality is I'm a person of small stature on a small bike with small bars.
When riding on the tops, my hands are like six inches apart.
No, really.
I just need some PBR and a pair of capris and I'd be styling.
I also have a hard time reaching the levers from the drops, the bend just doesn't suit me.
So also on order is a new quill(for some rise) and some new bars(for the obvious), 42s.
Now I was reading this thing about handlebars on Bike Rumor! Apparently there are two schools on bar size, go small and go shoulder width.
Riding these mini-bars makes me think there's something to the small school. My back felt great after ten miles.
Longer ride tomorrow to further test this theory.
Now about all the wear and tear stuff.
The list of stuff I need to replace was getting sort of long and this Campagnolo stuff ain't exactly cheap.
I mean I like the bike as it is now, but it could be better.
So I'm giving it a boob job and going Campy Centaur ten speed.
I'll accumulate the parts slow like and in a couple of months I'll just take everything apart and smother myself in Bianchi goodness.
This should be fun for when it comes to Campy stuff I really don't know what the hell I'm doing.
All I know is that I'm going to try to do this on the cheap.
Evil eBay willing.
Yes dear, the honeymoon is over.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Off to do the last of the bamboo thingys, but first some images of the new/old bike.
I went LBS early this morning, the first thing I wanted to get was some new tires and some bar tape.
That celeste jungle camo tape wasn't doing it for me.
Of course I took the new bike, even with threat of rain:

While doing the bar tape, I discovered that the previous owner had used the center cap on the quill as an end plug:

Now, how to get these tires off?
No quick release on the brakes, no way I need to undo the cable, right?
Campy has the quick releases on the levers:

Slide the button to the other side and the lever goes back to release the brakes so you can remove the tires.
Very tricky, those Italians.
Now these wheels are tricky too! The nipples are hidden inside the rim, under the rim tape:

Thankfully the rims are true.
The plastic hubs turned out not to be plastic at all, just painted black.
No name, just Campagnolo:

I gotta say, as a younger person, Campagnolo stuff was always in the display case, behind the glass.
My old ten speed had some Suntour on it, Campy was the stuff dreams were made of.
At least back then.
Still, there's a certain mystique about Campy stuff.
At least for me:

Even if it is bottom of the line.
The frame is TIG welded, that's about all I can say about that:

The downtube though is a bit interesting.
It's ovalized at the bottom bracket, but it's also triangled in the middle:

Maybe so that you can see the sticker better, I mean there's only like nine Bianchi thingys on there.
The frame has some nicks on it, but no dents.
The celeste touch up is on order, so I'll show you my feeble attempts at body working the frame.
I'm thinking of getting a new seat, the rails have rusted some, and I'm looking at some new bars.
The ones on there are like 38s, feels like I'm riding some fixie with those six inch handlebars.
I also pulled up the quill a bit:

I guess that means I haven't quite made the recommended quill depth. Still, one centimeter of rise made a large difference.
I'm looking for a longer quill or I may just use one of those 1 1/8 adapters for there aren't a whole bunch of 25.4 bars out there.
At least not for someone of small stature but massive quads.
Did just five miles today, stopping a couple of times to adjust the seat.
Bike rides great, better than how I remember the display bike.
Gotta remember about the toe overlap thingy, and I am going to find me a compact crank.
Massive quads aside, that fifty three is a beast to turn!
I mean I can't go around scaring women and young children with my excessive speed.
Then again, celeste is such a friendly color, even if they only see a blur.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Right Place, Right Time

It happens every so often.
More likely though, it doesn't, and it ends up being a what if, sometimes a great big what if.
Like a couple of months ago, I was perusing evil eBay, and what should come up but some lugged steel Italian bike with full Campy.
Nice size, nice price, wrong time.
So anyways, as a follow up to yesterdays semi cryptic post, if you read the clues, you know what's coming, here's the story.
The other day, I'm doing my hourly check of CL, and what should come up but a bike I wouldn't mind having, except there are no other details but the make and model.
Fat chance for me, being of the smaller stature but massive quads, most of these CL bikes are bigger than 52s.
Well no harm in checking this out I says to myself and I promptly send off an email requesting the size.
The next day, I have my answer: 52
Now if you've been following along at home, you know that I had a bike, a 52, and that it ended up being a display bike, mostly for me since all it did was sit in my living room, mocking me with it's lack of use.
The Allez just didn't sit well with me, being of smaller stature but massive quads, it stretched me out and was too uncomfortable on longer rides.
So off it went.
To CL no less.
So anyways, back to our present story, I ask the seller to send me a pic, an image of said 52cm bike, and the next day, there it is.
The picture I mean.
Worth a look I say to myself.
First though, a bit of research is in order.
Can't go off looking at a bike without knowing what you're looking at.

Looking at the different years and trying to match the paint scheme, I guess it's around a '98, and I take note of the group.
Wait! there's no 52!
I surmise that it is perhaps a 51.
Checking the top tube dimensions, I think it may work!
Insert yesterdays post here.
Now being on a budget, I think that if the bike fits, and is in pristine condition with all original parts, I may be able to step up a bit.
A little bit.
In this case, color was everything.
No, not black and nasty, something kinder and gentler.

Well when I get there, I see the bike and lo and behold! it's not a 52.
It's more likely a 49!
Now it gets interesting.
First some authentication.
Wait! wrong kine Campy!
Inspect derailleur.
Here we go.

Other discrepancies, carbon fork supposed to be steel, nine speed cassette supposed to be eight, not sure of the wheels with their plastic hubs.
Let's talk story.
I ask if the price is firm.
Seller obliges and reduces the amount.
Mixed group set, unsure of Campy Avanti.
Decision time.
I like the bike, but it's used, chips in paint and all that, and it's got that mixed group.
Still, color and size I believe qualifies for a premium and a step up for me.
It's also Italian.
So I step up.
I rode it back to my car.

I coughed up about a hundred more than I wanted to spend.
Still, it was celeste, and the size was almost perfect.
Okay, the size sold it.
If you are like me, of small stature but massive quads, then you know finding these smaller frames is like hunting for truffles.
Okay, I don't really know what hunting for truffles is like, but I guess it would be almost the same.
Point is, I found it so I dug deep and got it.
I'm assuming the Mirage group also came in nine speed for the controls are Mirage, but it shifts through all nine gears.
Original on the bike was eight speed Mirage.
I have no clue about the Avanti, a quick Googlio said it's the same range as Mirage, though it may be a step up.
The wheels appear to be Campy Protons, though again, I'm not sure with those plastic hubs.
Time for some research.
I need some wider bars with a shallow drop, I had FSAs on the display bike so I think I'll try another set of those.
If it stops raining, I'll get it out tomorrow and get some nicer pics up.
Overall I'm pretty stoked!
I thank the buyer for coming down a bit, well okay, more than a bit, and helping me get a bike I've been thinking about.
It has a nice new home.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Kicking the Tires

I hope.
I mean I hope to get at least a look see.
The tires may be too small to actually kick.
Tomorrow, I hope to check out this bike I saw on soon to be evil CL.
I've done my research, what research I could do and I'm still not convinced I like this bike.
I mean I like it enough to check it out, I just don't know if I'm willing to fork over the kind of money the dude wants for it.
No, I'm not going to say what it is exactly.
Bachi don't you know.
I have mixed feeling about buying a used bike.
For one, it was someone elses bike.
Okay, it is used, but I mean that means the bike used to belong to someone else.
It could have been anyone!
It has a history.
I mean I can put that in terms of something else, but I don't want to go there.
Oh please, not there.
Stll, it's the color I want and it is made out of steel.
Chrome moly steel.
Ah yes, that stuff that is supposedly real.
Well we shall see, won't we?
The bike in question is also on the large side so I really need to give it go before making any decisions.
I mean the price is on the upper level of what I wanted to spend on a used bike, so it better fit like perfect before I even start thinking about it.
Okay, who am I fooling, I've already half way talked myself into buying it.
If it's still there.
It's what I had in mind when I started looking for another bike, and if the price is right, and I fit it okay, I may just pick it up.
If the dude calls me back.
If he doesn't, maybe I take a drive out to the far side of the island and check out them Jamis bikes.
Or maybe I won't need to.
Or maybe I will anyway.
Or maybe I should just stop now.
Or maybe I should tell you how I'm really really looking forward to seeing this bike.
Hopefully I'll get the chance.
So what kind of bike is it already?
Let's just say, I've left some clues.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Day After Yesterday

Christmas for me was spent trudging around deep in the jungle doing the bamboo thing.
Yeah, not exactly the way I envisioned it either, but hey! deadlines must be met and folks must have their kadomatsu before the New Year.
Off today, but back at it tomorrow.
Each year, the holiday season seems to lose more of it's lustre. Maybe this year it's because again, I'm harboring a mild cold, or maybe it was the rains, or maybe it was that thing at work.
I was thinking about it this morning, the work thing, and I'm not really looking forward to going back.
Maybe it's the bamboo thing, there are a couple of work days left, and I won't really feel like I'm on vacation, not until those days are done.
Anyways, I got a bunch of shirts this year, for some reason, my family decided that I'm a medium size, though I prefer to wear a large.
The shirts fit though and I always need more shirts for work.
Image is everything don't you know.
Other than that, gift wise, I'm pretty much left to my own devices.
Which is what I tend to gravitate towards.
Devices I mean.
Of course the Quest for Bikes is still on, I have another bike from Jamis I got my eyeballs on, I just need to drive out to the bicycle place and check it out.
The Jamis Coda is a hybrid with roadie geometry and disc brakes:

I'm really liking this bike, leaning towards it, but I'm wondering if I should wait and see what the new cross bikes will look like once they start coming out with disc brakes too.
I haven't decided on drop bar or flat bar, I guess I need to test ride.
Then there's that Bianchi:

Test riding this may be harder for the Bianchi dealer here sells mostly road and tri bikes; I don't think they are going to want to bring one in just for me to try.
Speaking of bikes, I was hoping to get out today, but again we got rain.
I hope it clears for I was hoping to get in at least one epic ride during the break.
Now that I got real mountain bike tires, I got me some options:

I wanted to get out and test those bad boys out, but I forgot I didn't have another cassette and I didn't feel like taking my other one off so I'm waiting on a new one, a real mountain cassette, like a 12-76.
Or something.
I've got someplace in mind, but I may need like a Camelback for there won't be like a 7-11 or anything for me to stop at.
I'm looking into some options.
Going off road takes some real planning, Boy Scout stuff, especially since I'm going off on my own, solo like.
I've been hiking in this place before and there's an access road, but I've never been all the way to the end.
Maybe I'll just take a backpack and some extra water and food, just in case I get stranded.
Or attacked by wild pigs.
Or wild wallabies.
Or something.
Stay tuned.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

A Break in the Action

Is what today is.
It's sort of a day off, with all the bamboo thingys going on and such.
Back into the jungle tomorrow, so today I'm just sitting around, doing nothing.
I wish!
Today was Shirt Off My Back(SOMB) day, the day I put the shirts I'm giving away together.
First off, there's the images, what to choose and for whom.
I mean the image has to sort of match the person.
Then there's the shirt, what color and does it match the image or do I have to find something else that matches better.
I decided this year to go with images from the blog, after all the shirts are sort of blog related, I mean the got The Flat Tire thingy on them:

I thought I was putting it on the right sleeve, but I was actually putting it on the left sleeve cause I forgot that when I'm looking at the shirt, it's like the opposite side.
If you know what I mean.
Here's some of the shirts I did:

Hawaiian sports drink and energy bar.
I'm giving that yellow shirt to my brother in law, he's a fisherman so if he falls off the cliff they can spot him in the water.

That's for my sister in law.
I like that picture of a small flower growing under a chain link fence.
She's sort of girly girly.
My sister in law I mean.

You, the reader, may remember this one from the title shot earlier in the year.
I guess I'm giving this to my father.
Sort of calming and soothing, maybe he'll stop lecturing me.
Then again, maybe he won't.
Stop lecturing me that is.

Then this one is for my brother.
I like it so much I may have to make one for myself.
Boy, let me tell you, slaving over a hot iron was just as bad as slaving over some green bamboo!
So you're asking yourself, why don't I unload, I mean give them some of that pottery stuff I have left over from the Craft Fair Fiasco(CFF)?
To tell you the truth, giving stuff out as gifts, stuff I got just sitting around, seems too easy.
I mean making these shirts, these things take some effort!
When it comes to gifts, I think that's important, that I made the effort to make something, something I don't usually do.
Then again, it's the thought that counts, right?
So Ho Ho Ho!
Off I go!
Time to catch the second half of the Hawaii Bowl!
Hope you all have a pleasant and safe day before the day.
Key word there being safe.
If you know what I mean.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Toast to Innocence

So, the other day, I was in line at the supermarket, and who should I see in front of me, but someone I knew from another life.
She didn't recognize me at first, but when she did, boy did her eyes open wide!
Okay, not really.
I did visit a friend from another life though, and it did remind me of this:

I don't see folks from way back when, not at all.
I think as we move through life, we leave a lot behind, not on purpose, but by design.
The things we carry with us, the things we take along for the journey are by choice, they are there for a reason.
I don't enjoy contemplating the past much, there's just too much there, too many ifs, if you will.
I'd much rather concentrate on the now, the future, and what all that is going to bring.
At the same time, I will admit, there is a special place in my heart for the past.
I don't go there often, mostly again by choice, but when I do, I find out things about myself and the others that made my life what it is.
Now along with all this, I'm not going to lie, comes twinges of guilt, guilt for not staying in touch, not keeping these souls who at the time meant so much to me, guilt for letting it go, for taking another path.
Perhaps it is that guilt that keeps me away, keeps me moving forward.
Perhaps it is the guilt that I want to keep leaving behind.
I'm not sure.
As I grow older, it's become easier for me to go back, back to those days of folly and innocence, of wishful thinking and reckless abandon.
Once I realized that I truly did not have a clue what I was doing.
There's no making amends here and now, only reflection and reconciliation.
I realized the other night that you can bridge the past and the present, if that is what you wish.
The spans and girders are out there, the cables are ready, if you are.
Then there are the bridges that were always there, just on a different part of the map.
Like going home, there is a familiarity about it, a sense of belonging, a sense of time standing still.
Of course it's not really same, but that doesn't matter does it?
It feels the same, and that's what counts.
There's no going back to those days, not really, but I can hold on to that familiarity just the same, as if I were back in those days, those days when there was no tomorrow.
In the today, the difference is, I live for tomorrow.
The things I do tomorrow have become a guide, a beacon of sorts, lighting the path to the future.
At the same time, I've come to realize, that no matter how hard I try to deny it, the path of the future was trodden first in the past.
It's not such a bad place to visit, the past, as long as I just visit, not intending to stay.
That, I believe is the danger, finding that warm fuzzy, that familiarity, wanting to grasp onto it and not let go.
That sense of innocence, when everything was new, is difficult to reacquire.
As much as I'd like to, it is gone, replaced by experience and age.
Still, I can remember what it was like, and not feel guilty about embracing it.
At least for one night.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wednesday Stuff

The rains have subsided.
For now.
Yesterday, it was hot and muggy, not wind at all.
The clouds were the lowest I've seen them without rain falling:

It was crazy!
You could almost reach up and touch them!
Here's a good shot of how the valleys on this side of the island look:

Up behind each of those ridges is a valley.
In the ancient days, the royalty dudes owned the land from the sea to the top of the mountains, the dividing line was often these types of valleys.
Today was nice and clear, but more rain is expected, just in time for the President to arrive.
Anyways, up bright and early, early enough to see the Moon set:

The skies cleared a day late, too late for the Lunar eclipse.
The Moon though, turned the sea into a silvery mirror last night.
I should have stopped to get some pics but I was in a hurry to finish off a large load of those bamboo thingys.
Which we were taking to market this morning.
I was so happy to see them go, I forgot to take pics of them.
Give me a minute here.
Okay, so today was an off day, meaning that we worked so hard, we took today off although the bamboo mission is still not done.
I took a short ride(!) just to see if I still had legs and it was okay.
I mean it was better than I expected, there was some burn but it felt pretty good.
Like I had taken two months off of the bike.
Which I did.
Boy, I'm way behind last year's miles, sort bummed out about that seeing as how I had hoped to increase my yearly mileage.
The schedule change, and getting ill didn't help.
I mean it's been so long since I've been on the bike, even the neighbors came out to see what was up:

I hope I didn't give them whiplash as I blazed on past!
I glanced behind me and thought I saw a puff of feathers in the air.
Still, a poor showing for this year.
So, I planned a massive effort to try and catch up.
Eight days, 1500 miles.
I mean that's only like 187.5 miles a day.
I think I can do it if I really bear down.
Try really hard.
Maximum effort.
One hundred and twenty per cent!
Or something.
I mean I got these new tires that make me wicked quick so it shouldn't take me that long.
Maybe on one or two days I can double up and do like 375 miles.
That way I can make my goal of beating last years miles.
Okay, not really.
Maybe I'll just sit on the couch and eat Doritos.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Missed it Again!

Freakin lunar eclipses!
I mean it's going on above my head right now, and all I got is clouds!
Freakin clouds!
Freakin lunar eclipses and clouds!
Just wasn't meant to be.
Actually, my sister called me to say that it was clear over where she lives, but I'm freakin tired and don't feel like driving over there.
Okay, so it's all my fault.
Well, it has been raining here, not your little drizzle, but full on rain.
Remember that picture of the stream from the other day?
That nice quiet little stream?

Here's what it looked like today:

The water level was getting sort of crazy over on this side too:

It's been low overcast since yesterday, the rain finally eased up this afternoon.
Still, no eclipse for me!
That makes me sort of sad.
Not that sad though for if you've been following along at home, you know that I initiated another Quest For Tires(QFT).
Well looky looky right on CL, some MTB tires!

Got a pretty good two for one deal and also scored me some tubes.
Turns out it was from the same dude I got that single speed conversion kit from a couple months back.
I'm all ready to hit some trails!
Sort of.
I'll get them mounted and blowed up and give you, the reader, a full ride report.
As it stops raining.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

New Moniker

So, I've been thinking of ways to improve the ole blog.
I mean The Flat Tire is stupendously famous and all, but maybe it's time to make some changes around here.
In tossing some ideas for a new blog title, I came up with The Bike Slob Kailua.
Sure it's kind of a ripoff of another stupendously famous blog, but I don't read that other stupendously famous blog so it's not like I'm stealing.
Not really.
I came up the Bike Slob for I realized that some of you out there may not be as OCD as I am when it comes to bikes and cycling.
I mean I often use my bike as a clothes rack:

How cool is that?
I mean now my bicycle is a true triple purpose machine: road bike, mountain bike, and armoire.
I tend to toss all my bike stuff into a plastic thingy I got for five bucks.
Same for the extra stuff I've collected like stems, grips, tubes etc.
They all go in a box under the ole stereo:

See then I could make fun of all the folks who baby and pamper their bikes.
You know the type, always polishing and scrubbing, wiping the fingerprints off and refusing to ride in the rain.
It's a tool, not a jewel!
Oh wait.
That also sounds like me.
I mean I do keep my bicycle pretty clean.
I also take care of it maintenance wise, unlike my brother who admitted that the last time he cleaned his chain was like a GAGILLION years ago.
A dirty chain though doesn't seem to affect his performance since when I ride with him, this is the only view I get:

So then I started thinking, maybe I should call the blog Bike Slow Kailua for we all know I'm globally famous for the ridiculous speeds at which I ride.
I'm so blistering quick my bike computer often malfunctions:

Just not enough digits there to record my blazing fast glory!
Of course I let women and folks riding folding bikes pass me as a courtesy.
Can't be crushing souls all the time.
Then with the rain and all, I thought Bike Sometimes Kailua was perhaps more appropriate.
I mean it's been like ages since I've actually been on my bike, so long that dust again has settled on my wheels.
We're talking like cobwebs baby:

Then I was thinking maybe something like One Speed:Goofy!
Sort of like One Speed: Go! except I never get up, and I just get goofy.
I mean most of this stuff can be placed in the inane box, if you have one of those.
If you don't, I can make you one.
Other titles I thought of were:
Kailua Point to Pointless - let's face it, I'm Captain of this ship, but I don't actually own a compass
Bike Humor! - the way I ride is sort of a joke
Middleagedfool - self explanatory
Chips and Bikes - sitting on the couch eating Doritos and looking at my bike
Coasting Rider - I prefer not to pedal
A Dimmer View - my original idea light is barely a flicker
and my favorite, The Flat Tire.
Oh wait.
Somebody's already using that one.
The Flat Tire I mean.

Sunday Final

Well, today's Sunday Final is out a little early.
With the holidays and all, my schedule is kinda goofy.
Yesterday was another kadomatsu day, as will be tomorrow.
The kadomatsu army is growing:

That's just a small bunch.
The pine hasn't been added yet so they're not ready to march.
Luckily today was a day off, for it hasn't stopped raining since this morning.
As Alanis Morrisette would say, isn't it ironic that on one of the few off days I have until Christmas, we get some Hawaiian winter weather?
The cactus aren't doing so good:

The poor cactus in the middle looks like it's ready to explode!

So since I'm sort of stuck inside, I went and found these poly sleeve thingys left over from my football card days.
I cleaned them up and will use them to display my ACEO cards.
Remember them? I wrote about it here.
I should have a binder full in no time!

Okay, not really.
I've gotten selective on the cards I purchase.
More on that later.
Anyways, here's my newest acquisition:

It's called "Three Trees" by Rebecca Roberts of Poppyart.
I've decided to start carrying around a sketch book, so I've assembled some some other stuff to go with it:

I have a whole tackle box full of drawing stuff left over from school, when I was pressured to draw under extreme duress.
It was a matter of life or death.
Or worse.
My having to draw I mean.
Actually, I sort of like to draw.
When I'm forced to.
I scored me a couple of nice paper cutters from My Friend Kyle's(MFK's) wife, who does paper crafts:

These paper cutters are handy things to have around, especially if you need to make straight cuts.
Good for cropping photos and stuff.
So anyways, I'll be off to my triweekly oil change, but first I need to find me some tires.
I've decided now that I need some 29er MTB tires, since I got a spare set of rims, so the search begins again.
I'm thinking I'm going to return the Flat Tire Bullet to MTB duty, since hopefully next year I'll be adding a road bike to the collection.
I was thinking of parting it out, but saner thoughts prevailed.
ANyways, this time it should be a quick search for I'm not very particular about MTB tires.
I hope.
It's a short search I mean.