Monday, November 30, 2009


Here's a nice idea I'm passing along from fellow blogger Mr. Dogimo of Consider Your Ass Kicked! fame.
The idea is to contribute to this drawing and pass it along via your own blog.
The original drawing and instructions can be found here.
So, here is my addition/alteration:

Contributors so far:
1)Allie from
2)dogimo from
3)YOU??? oops! I mean me!us! The Flat Tire Staff from

here are the rules verbatim:
1)Take the drawing below.
2)Draw something on it. Anything you wish, using any tool you wish. You may print out, draw, and scan back in; or you may use MS Paint or some other doodling app. HINT: TRY TO LEAVE SOME ROOM FOR FUTURE ARTISTS
3)Post it onto your blog with these same 4 rules, plus a list of all the artists who have gone before (adding your name at the bottom of the list).
4)Anyone who chooses to pick up where you left off can do so, adding their own element to the drawing!

I've done prompts like this with writing, but never with anything visual; sort of wondering how this is going to turn out.
Again, see the link for instructions and have fun.


It was raining today so I was not rippin' on my bike.
No really, it was. Raining I mean.

No, it doesn't look like it, but that is really rain falling onto water collecting on the asphalt.
Four thousand miles seems many, many, well, miles away.
Anyway, I came home and decided to resume the Great Rippin' Project(GRP). Since I got my new player, I've been slow to load it up since I have to rip all my music again.
I was thinking about the word rip and how it pertained to what I was doing. Where did it come from? Since I do dabble in etymology, I looked it up.
From what I gather from the Jargon Files, rip came from Amiga computer hackers who would appropriate gaming music.
The Jargon Files Glossary is here.
Pretty cool look into a world I know nothing of.
Well, as I said, my intention was come home and start loading music onto my new Sony Walkman:

This is replacing a second generation Iriver Clix that I had for a couple of years. Actually, I was looking for the least expensive eight gig player I could find.
See, when you are flying down the road at a GAGILLION miles per hour, a crash could be catastrophic to you and your player.
I am also very poor.
So anyways, I have to go through my whole CD collection for I deleted all the music files on my computer.
This is no simple task.
There are eight rows of CDs and they all pretty much look like this:

If you look real good, you can see that I'm up to the Cs; the last thing I ripped was off of The Clash's London Calling album. You can't really see it cause the art is all faded but it's there, nestled between The Cocteau Twins and Cinderella.
Oh, and I don't download music off the nets; I talked a little about that here.
So anyways, the GRP(Great Rippin' Project) is going to take me like until the end of time.
At the rate I'm going anyways.
I mean it's taking a lot longer than I expected.
A lot longer.
Most of it is because of the Do I, Don't I(DIDI) syndrome. Do I want to put that on? Or don't I?
Did I or Didn't I(DIDI) put Cinderella on my player? Well, I did see them in concert and they were pretty cool. I'm still thinking about that one.
In fact, there's some music there where I sort of have to wonder where it came from.
Like Wilson Phillips. Or the Armageddon Dildos. No, I am not making that up:

The good thing is that I'm being reintroduced to music I haven't listened to for a long time.
It's just that there's a lot of it. Stuff I haven't listened to I mean.
I guess I shouldn't worry cause I got like eight gigs of space(actually 5.9 right now) and I don't think I can use it all up.
The thing is, DIDI want to hear this or that particular song while out ripping(get it? get it? ripping? Nevermind.) up the asphalt going a GAGILLION miles per hour on my bike.
Actually, I Don't(ID) think it matters for at that speed the wind noise is so horrific I can't really hear the music anyways.
Yet I persevere.
I must for listening to the first one ninth(approx.) of my music collection is pretty boring.
Wait. I actually cheated and put on some Zero 7 for some flavor. I was weak.
So anyways, if you don't hear from me for a while, it's because I'm sitting here, loading CDs into my computer, making the difficult decisions on what to rip or what not to rip(DIDI), and syncing it onto my new player.
Syncing. There's a word for the Jargon Files.
I even turn off the T.V. so I can rip in peace.
Okay, not really.
About turning off the T.V. I mean.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Hot Lanikai Action!

Okay, it wasn't really hot, not with the tropical breeze blowing at about a gagillion miles per hour.
Watching the tree in front of my picture window blow around all morning convinced me to take out the Beach Bike and just cruise around.
Well, it wasn't exactly a nice little cruise as I now know how a sailboat feels as it comes off of a tack and sails with the wind.
My legs were burning and I was only going like twelve miles per hour. That is until I made the turn and then it felt like I was getting a free ride down the street.
I swear it feels like the Beach Bike has a barn door or something attached to the front of it.
Then again, maybe I'm just wide.
Anyways, Lanikai was happening. If you were a kite or wind surfer.
Thanks to modern technology, here is a bit of what I saw:

First time I've shot video on the Canon S5IS; I also have a regular video camera. Came out okay I guess, seeing as how the wind was blowing me back and forth and I didn't have my tripod.
Hopefully I can bring you, the reader, more educational and entertaining video.
I was checking out the public right of ways that run along the beach side of Lanikai. I've been to all of them at one time or another and I have to say, none of them seem the same. The sand is almost gone in some places.
The public right of ways are paths that sit between houses on the beach. Since the beach up to the high water mark is considered public land, I believe there is law somewhere that says the public must have access to the beach even if it is in your backyard. So, these right of ways are put in at intervals along beach front property.
This is what the right of ways look like from the road:

The right of way closest to the entrance to Lanikai has steps:

I went out there to try and catch some closer shots of the kite surfers as they came around the point.
Well, I sort of forgot all about the surfers, for in the water, not ten feet from the bottom of the steps, I saw this:

What the hell is that?
Could it be?

Just having some lunch I guess:

This green sea turtle was just hanging around the edge of the drop off looking for an easy meal. You don't usually see them this close to shore(I could have jumped in the water and grabbed it, but that's a federal offense); though there is a beach on the North Shore where they climb up on the sand and sun themselves.
Just the other day I was telling Evil Hoku about how I was running out of things to take pictures of around Kailua.
Seems you have to be at the right place at the right time to catch some hot Lanikai action.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

le Connaisseur de la Musique

Bettie Serveert is The Greatest Band of All Time(GBOAT).
There I said it so it must be true.
Bettie Serveert is one of those groups who you discover at the music store and buy their CD cause it has a cool pic on it:

Palomine I believe was their debut album; it was the first time I had ever heard their music.
I was hooked.
Back in the old days a friend of mine had started an internet radio station so he got sent a bunch of promo stuff, among the CDs he got was Palomine. The band was sort of obscure back then and I had a hard time tracking down the CD.
If I remember correctly, I found it at this site called Musicstack. I've used Musicstack to find all kinds of music not available in the U.S., most of it coming from the U.K.
Anyways, Bettie Serveert, the Greatest Band of All Time, is a band from the Netherlands but interestingly all of their lyrics are in English. It's difficult for me to describe their sound for now I tend to compare other bands to them.
Lots of edgy guitars and heavenly vocals provided by frontperson Carol van Dijk who also does most of their lyrics. The Palomine line up includes Herman Bunskoeke on bass, Peter Visser is on the lead guitar and Berend Dubbe handles the drums. This line up remains unchanged for three albums; different drummers are used for subsequent releases. You can find out more about them here.
If you don't want to make the leap and purchase music by Bettie Serveert, the Greatest Band of All Time, check them out on YouTube, johndarmy(which is a song title) posts their videos, link is here.
Dust Bunnies is my favorite album:

Disclaimer here: I don't have all of their albums. I'm missing their latest(actually their latest was just released according to their website) and Log22, a CD/album that previously was unavailable in the U.S(edit: also missing from the Greatest Music Collection of All Time is an album they did covering Velvet Underground songs).
Dust Bunnies though, contains thirteen songs all in the three to four minute range that are all gems. Well, to my trained ears anyways.
I am an audiofilet don't you know.
All this talk about Bettie Serveert, the Greatest Band of All Time, made me fire up the KFLT transformer and start spinning some vinyl:

As usual, I have Bettie on vinyl and CD:

Let me tell you that the sonics on wax is way better than that digitally compressed stuff. Listening to Palomine back to back is like night and day.
Okay, not really but you can hear a difference. Makes me wonder why I don't use the turntable as much as the CD player; convenience I guess and the massive amount of elecricity it takes to fire up 3.5 GAGILLION WATTS of power. Two thumbs up for the full sized pressing.
le Connaisseur de la Musique says you should go out and give Bettie Serveert, the Greatest Band of All Time, a listen.
And listen you must for I am an audiofilet, don't you know.

Next on le Connaisseur de la Musique:
Why Echo & the Bunnymen's Lips Like Sugar is The Greatest Song of All Time.

The opinions of le Connaisseur de la Musique do not reflect those of The Flat Tire or the editorial staff.

Friday, November 27, 2009

4000 Miles to Glory

Will I make cycling history?
Do I have what it takes to surpass the magical four thousand mile mark?
Magical only in my deluded mind, for I'm sure there are cyclists out there that put on a gagillion miles a year.
I'd have to clock in about two hundred miles a week from now until the end of December. It's not impossible.
Just highly unlikely.
For one thing, it rains here all the time:

See those clouds over the mountains? Filled with moisture! Flash flood warning weather.
Although I am fiercely devoted to cycling, under these kinds of conditions, I bet even Lance Armstrong stays home.
My riding route is pretty dangerous. The roads are so congested that I risk my life every time I take my bike out for a ride:

Weaving in and out of traffic filled with blood thirsty drivers is not my idea of fun. I brave the roads for my sport.
I know, some of you are thinking "what a wuss!" Well, just for your information, the route I ride is uphill:

All the way.
No downhill free miles for me buddy.
That's right. A twenty six mile climbing loop all uphill.
My massive legs pumping like steam driven pistons; tireless, relentless and emotionless as I climb higher and higher: I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.
I am a professional, don't try this at home.
Now I'm not making any excuses for not completing four thousand miles this year.
Well, I was sick for one month and if I had put on any miles in that one month, four thousand miles would be a virtual lock.
I mean I could have put on at least seven hundred miles in that one month I missed don't you know.
So anyway, we shall see just how close I can come to the mystical four thousand mile mark. Hallowed and legendary like the four minute mile, it stands alone as the pinnacle of cycling accomplishments.
Well, a pinnacle for me anyways.
Thirty three hundred and counting.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Be Back Bumbai

Hello Flat Tire reader.
Thanks for stopping by but as you can see, we are closed for the holiday. Sorry, I know you expected to find the pinnacle in interwebs education and entertainment, but hey, we gotta take a break once in a while.
In the mean time, check out the link to the Jodcast. It's an astronomy podcast that originates from the University of Manchester's Jodrell Bank Observatory. Kinda technical, but includes some cool stuff about what's going on way out there in space where it looks empty, but not really.
Your normally scheduled programming will resume momentarily and we promise to have something really big planned!
So big you'll freak out and tell all your friends about it!
Okay not really.
Happy Thanksgiving!

The Flat Tire
3.5 Gagillion Watts of Power

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Flat Tire

Google doesn't like The Flat Tire.
Six hundred listings of flat tires and no Flat Tire.
There must five hundred pages on how to change a flat tire, but the literary genius of The Flat Tire is ignored.
By the way, after looking through sixty pages of search hits, Google thought I was some sort of search bot and shut down my search access.
Oh, there were a lot of interesting flat tires.
There was a Flat Tire bike shop, a Flat Tire bar, a Quicksilver Flat Tire hat(which I purchased), even a drink called a Flat Tire; but no Flat Tire.
In an emergency meeting this morning, The Flat Tire staff has decided to change all the default search engines in our computers over to Bing.
Okay, not really, but the staff is disappointed.
Disappointed but not worried for The Flat Tire comes at you with A Gagillion Watts of Power, taking our signal world wide and across the globe to bring to you, the reader, only the most relevant, entertaining, and educational content available anywhere.

We don't need no stinkin' Google!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Nice Cans!

No, not what you're thinking, though I think about them often.
I bought a new mp3 player today.
The old one ceased to function for reasons I cannot fathom.
I think the battery died.
Okay, I fathomed a little bit.
So anyway, I went on Amazon and there are about a gagillion players out there.
What to do?
The only time I listen to it is when I'm on the bike so I didn't want to spend a lot of cash that I don't have. I am also anti-ipod.
Just like to buck the trend I guess.
So I got the cheapest player I could find.
Not really.
Actually, nevermind about the player.
This it not what that's all about.
That's not what this is all about.
Or something.
So I get home, and plug the thing in and load up some music.
I just put some stuff I already have on the computer cause I'm kinda tired and lazy right now.
See, my defunct player had about six hundred songs on it and I thought all those music files were taking up too much space on my hard drive so I deleted all the files thinking I'd never have to to that again since they were all on my player and they were all ripped from CDs but boy was I wrong so now I'm sitting here looking at my CD collection thinking about where I'm going to start re-ripping all those songs and kind of hating life for being such an idiot and deleting all those files.
Anyways, I plug in my earphone and it is an earphone cause I bought this special one that only has one side and it converts the stereo signal to mono so that even though I have only one side I can still hear both tracks at the same time:

The theory here is that I only listen on my right ear so that when I'm on the bike I can hear cars coming up on my left.
The fidelity kinda sucks but I don't care because it's pretty comfortable and while I'm flying down the road pumping out a gagillion watts with my massive legs all I can really hear is the whooshing sound of my svelte form creating a vacuum as I cut through the wind and crush the souls of small children as I ride past them.
The marriage of my new player and my earphone is a troubled one.
The damn thing clips.
Clipping rears it's ugly head when the audio source does not have enough power to drive the, well, drivers in the earphone or speaker.
My home stereo sometimes clips, but it only puts out three and a half watts per channel and sometimes I like to listen kinda loud.
I don't know how much power my new player puts out, it's like it only has to drive one side.
I am disappointed to say the least.
It does drive my AKGs okay:

If you look closely, you'll notice that there are actually two earphones on the AKGs. I use those cans when I want to listen in stereo.
The AKGs were actually a source of disdain today also for when I dusted them off since I hardly use them cause they are closed headphones and I prefer open headphones I discovered that the fake leather ear pads known as pleather had decided that they did not like the environment they were exposed to since I forget to put them away in the cloth bag they came with so they pulled some kind of biodegradable like imitation and all the pleather stuff flaked off and stuck to my ears when I took the headphones off:

Normally, I'd have a nice chuckle, shake my head and toss these things off into the trash except that they are my only working set of full sized cans right now since my freakin expensive Grado Labs headphones need new earpads too and it's not like the AKGs were inexpensive in fact they cost just as much as my new player did and they are German for Pete's sake and I expect a certain amount of quality and life expectancy from something I paid my hard earned money for even though after checking I found out that they are made in China.
I should have got some Sennheisers.
Sennheisers though are made in Germany too but they are high impedance cans so they aren't driven very well by low powered devices like portable players so instead I bought me some low impedance cans that are made in the USA that work very well with low powered devices like portable players only the cans I bought have ear pads that like to turn to dust every couple of years and only a few places sell replacements:

Normally right about now I'd be throwing the audio equivalent of a hissy fit.
See, the thing is that at one time I had another set of cans from Audio-Technica that were really good even though they were closed and the pleather on the pads were nice and durable looking but they were kinda heavy and I really had a hard time listening to them while reclining and since I already had like three sets of headphones I decided to sell them off and buy some expensive speaker cable instead.
Boy am I missing those Audio-Technicas now.
Actually I still do have some cans from Audio-Technica but they are not the ones I was talking about but are ear clip type earphones that I got cause I thought they looked cool but I hardly use them cause sometimes the clips make my ears hurt and because the two sides are connected by only one wire if you take off one side it hangs down and pulls on the side still attached to your ear:

I'm beginning to think headphones are evil.
Kinda sorta.
So anyways I'm thinking that maybe I need some new headphones or at the very least a new earphone since the one that I use the most is clipping and while I can take substandard fidelity clipping is really irritating so I am about three mouse clicks away from checking out some new hopefully improved earphones but I'm thinking that maybe I can live with the one I got if I only keep the volume level down which is good for my ears anyways but if I keep the volume down I won't be able to hear jack because when I'm on my bike I'm moving so fast sound has difficulty keeping up with me.
So I'm sitting here staring at my new mp3 player.
What's a guy got to do to get a nice set of good sounding comfortable cans?

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Better Late Than Never Part Deux

Boy, I'll bet seeing that in your rear view mirror ruined your day.
I guess I'll throw in the pictures of the Grumman S-2 Tracker:

And the Sikorsky CH-53 Sea Stallion:

And one more:

The boys at McDonnell Douglas had their thinking caps on when they came up with that puppy.
Here again, is a link to the Pacific War Memorial and MCBH.
I didn't realize it at the time, but I took over seventy pictures. Most of them focused on this:

You can find the particulars on the original Marine Corps War Memorial here(edit: the sculpture is not a replica of the Marine Corps War Memorial in Washington, but of another based upon Rosenthal's picture named the National Iwo Jima Memorial. This monument is located in Conneticut. Info on the Pacific War Memorial can be found here). If you saw Flags of Our Fathers, you know the story behind the image is a bit tragic.
I don't know at what scale this reproduction is, but the link above says the original figures are thirty-two feet tall, and the ones here are a little larger than human scale. I think; it's hard to tell for they rest about eight or nine feet off the ground. Around the four sides of the base are information plaques telling about the battle and how the original photo and Rosenthal's picture were taken:

The sun was getting low and taking on that warm quality you get in the afternoon or morning. It was hitting the sculpture on what I believe is the face; the side where you can see the expression on the men's faces, though I wished the sun was a bit lower.
Here's a good close up:

You can see the rope wound up on the base of the pole. I asked a couple of the guards about it and found out that the only time the flag is lowered is when it is replaced.
This is going to sound a bit hokey, but really, words cannot express how it feels to be there at the base of the statue.
I guess I'll let the pictures say the rest:

A carnation lei and a bouquet of flowers also lay at rest on the engraved red brick. It didn't feel right taking pictures of them. The hibiscus was a random flower that had fallen off the hibiscus bushes that surround the base.
I've also been reading some books on Hawaiian myths and such and some stories have been about sacred rocks. I also saw this:

From Marine Corps Base Hawaii, this is The Flat Tire, signing off.

Better Late Than Never

This is the post I wanted to do last week, but never got around to.
On Veteran's Day, I just sort of stayed home and prayed for rain in order to validate my sluggish and sedentary lifestyle.
I never got out to where I had planned on going.
So today, although I awoke at the crack of dawn, I went back to sleep at around nine and didn't wake up until after twelve.
Well, I thought to myself, enough of that, I better get out and do something.
I rolled out the Beach Bike and off I went:

The area on the Mokapu Peninsula in Kaneohe that was once called Naval Air Station Kaneohe Bay is now called Marine Corps Base Hawaii(MCBH).
It was taken over for military use in 1918, used by the Navy(NASKB), then the Marines took over the airfield in 1952 establishing Marine Corps Air Station Kaneohe Bay, and finally today it is known as MCBH.
The Marine Corps tells you all about it here.
I am not affiliated with anyone in the military, so I am not allowed on base. I did get to kinda sorta cruise around one day in April I think, when some bicycle crits were held on one of the airstrips there. Today though, I had to go to the visitors center and get a pass even though I was only venturing about a hundred yards past the main gate:

The area adjacent to the gate is called the Pacific War Memorial. The pass I got allowed me to access that area only, and I was instructed to let the guards at the gate know what I was doing.
The Pacific War Memorial not only has a replica of the Marine Corps War Memorial, but some cool aircraft as well:

I'm going to go out on a limb and call that an early version of a Grumman E-2 Hawkeye(it's actually a Lockheed P-2 Neptune. Eh, I tried.). It was getting late and I didn't make it to the plaque area.
There was also a troop carrier:

A tractor:

And a Chance Vought F-8 Crusader:

What I really wanted to see was this bad boy:

Probably the most feared fighter jet of it's era, the McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom. My intentions were to take pictures of this badass jet and my badass bike together, however I had to leave my bike parked next to the visitor's center. I was going to ask if it was okay bring my bike over there until I saw this:

This aircraft, like the others, are separate memorials. As I said, I was pressed for time so I couldn't check them all, but the ones I did check had memorial plaques next to them or like the F-4, names of the missing or killed. Well, taking pictures of the aircraft along with my bike were out of the question. The pictures that I were taking were, well, taking on a whole new meaning.
The sun was getting low, so I hurried off to the replica of the Marine Corps War Memorial statue.
Part II is next.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

You Are What You Wear pt.II Saturday Bonus

That whole post about bicycle jerseys and getting all dressed up in spandex and stuff stirred up some other thoughts totally unrelated to cycling, but that's not what this is about.
If you've been reading along about my cycling exploits, you know what a pain it is for me to get out the door with bicycle in tow.
Once I'm out there though, everything is pretty copacetic. I find I actually like the torture one endures when riding hard. While I don't look forward to it, I don't shy away from it either.
I thought about what I go through to actually go out and ride and why.
I mean you gotta get all dressed up sissy like, then you gotta put on these shoes that you can't really walk in, then you have to strap something to your head as a reminder of something bad happening.
Well, a couple of months ago, I realized what it all means.
I am getting dressed up to go out and play.
Just like small kid time, when I bugged my mom to buy me that cowboy stuff, or begged my uncle to give me his old fatigues so I could play army, I put on my bicycle shorts and jersey so I can go out and play bicyclist.
Every time I go out on my bike, I'm playing out some kind of sick masochistic fantasy.
Okay, not really.
Well, maybe. Why else would I go out and inflict such pain upon myself?
I mean it's not like I sit around at home watching Law & Order while sticking myself with needles. Well actually, I do sit around and let other people poke me with needles but that's beside the point.
Once I don those padded shorts and moisture wicking tops, I become someone else.
Sort of my secret identity since no one I work with knows about my sordid hobby.
Well, one of my co-workers lives near me and saw me wheezing across the bridge near Mokapu one day, but no one else knows of my clandestine preoccupation.
This strange effect also takes place when I dress for work or dress to go out. I actually walk, talk, and act differently.
I turn into Professionalman. Or something.
Wait. I don't put on all my bicycle crap when I take out the Beach Bike.
So what does that make me? Just some old dude going to the store to buy cheese rolls I guess.
All the different mannerisms that can be attributed to the clothing I wear is kinda making me worried.
Just who am I?
Despite all the different kinds of clothes I wear, perhaps it comes down to this:
I'm just a poseur.

You Are What You Wear

I own maybe a dozen cycling jerseys.
Now, I'm not the guy who wears the jersey of his favorite team or anything. In fact only four of my jerseys have any kind of print on them.
I have two Specialized jerseys, one Primo Beer jersey and one jersey with the Park Tools logo.
Oh, and I don't have the big Superman "s" Specialized jersey; I prefer the older retro style:

I did have one Crash Test Dummy jersey but it was too small so I gave it to my brother no pun intended.
Actually that wasn't a pun, but more of an insinuation but either way, uh, nevermind.
Out of all those jerseys, I tend to wear only four or five; mostly the light colored ones since it is so freakin hot here.
White is my favorite since it's visible and cool. Yellow would be next, but not that Screamin Yellow Zonker yellow(what ever happened to Screamin Yellow Zonkers anyways?), my jerseys are closer to primary yellow yellow.
I usually just stack them up and when it's time to go out, I just grab the one on the top and hit the road:

Well today was one of those good days on the bike. I was zipping around Kailua feeling like my legs were nuclear powered or something.
Okay, not really, but I was having a good ride.
Well, I was on my way home, feeling great, stupendous even so I hit the gas a little harder. I don't like coming home feeling like I left something in the tank.
Let me tell you, it was one of those days where you could feel the power hitting the ground. My breathing was good, cadence was good, and the bike just felt like it was moving!
All this while wearing my yellow Park Tools jersey:

Usually, I don't notice what jersey I have one while I'm riding. It's one of those things you just sort of forget about while your legs are on fire and spit is coming out of your mouth when you exhale.
Besides, who can see with all the perspiration blurring your vision.
Today, while on the last leg home, hammering down the road, I noticed my jersey was yellow.
For a second there, images of le Tour and racing popped into my fatigue addled brain.
Just for a second though, for I don't ride a road bike, and I am in no way delusional about how fast I am.
In that one second though, I could imagine, however minutely, what it was like to be Lance in yellow.
Uh, Lance Armstrong riding a one hundred and fifty three pound bike.
Through the sand.
Yet it was one of my yellow jerseys that inspired that fleeting vision; not the white or blue or red.
I promise not to make fun of cyclists wearing their favorite team jerseys or kits anymore. I may even look for a Team Radioshack jersey once it comes out.
Okay, maybe not.
I guess we all can dream, even if the dream is an impossibility.
There's been a speed indicator near my street for the last few days.
No, I didn't sprint at.
Didn't want to ruin the fantasy, don't you know.