Saturday, April 25, 2009

Flat tires

I am not sure what I dislike the most: getting a flat at the beginning of a ride or getting one on the last leg heading home.
I suppose that if you flat in the beginning or your journey, it's considered out of the way and for the most part you can continue on without worry. On the other hand, if you only had one tube or if you used up your last patch this could mean more trouble.
Flatting towards the end of a ride always bums me out. Upon my return home, I never feel as though I completed what I started off to do. The interruption I incur when finishing up that last leg of my route makes it feel as though I did not accomplish my journey. Flat tires ruin what usually are nice relaxing rides.
Of course if you ride enough you are going to get flats. I try to put in eighty to hundred miles a week on my bike depending on the weather. My old MTB had accumulated about three thousand miles before I gave it to my brother. My current MTB has about a thousand on the odometer.
My rides consist of mostly paved road. If you call what I sometimes ride on paved. It seems as though Kailua has been going through a non stop battle with roadwork. What they fix and where seems to be some kind of military tactic for there never seems a way to evade and escape the seemingly endless battlezone of traffic cones and detours. Sometimes they fix it, then come back and fix it again just when you think they were done fixing it. Road repairs have been going on so long here I don't quite remember when the streets were completely clear of it.
All the contruction and road repair makes it inconvenient at best to ride a road bike here. And I just bought a road bike.
I think I've put about twenty miles on it. I just can't bring myself to take it out.
I sure like looking at it though.

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