Saturday, July 11, 2009

Bonehead or T-Bone

I fell at a busy intersection today.
Not to get into particulars but I thought I had the light when in fact I did not and had to actuate the Panic Stop button.
This was the actual sound I made as I hit the road. Last thing I remember seeing was this nice, freshly laid down tarmac, jet black and shiny looking.
I fell about two feet into the intersection.
It was a boneheaded move that almost got me t-boned.
Luckily my cat-like ninja skills saved me from furthur injury or shame.
I still feel like an idiot.
A rather large idiot.
Having time tonight to reflect upon my recklessness, I searched any reason that could explain my actions.
Riding the same route leads to a false sense of security and familiarity. Though the area is safe and familiar, there about a kajillion things that could inject danger in my way.
I overlooked this fact.
It was at the end of my ride and dehydration I believe was a factor n my bad judgement.
Dehydration is like being under the influence: you think you know what you are doing, but in reality, you don't.
I know this for a fact for when I am afflicted with dehydration, which is more often than most, I find that my brain and my body are not operating in perfect harmony.
I want to do or say something. My body and mouth respond by kinda getting it close.
I am often puzzled by things I say and do. This is not good when you are riding around in traffic.
With scraped knee and aching hand I sit and realize that Superbiker was introduced to some Kryptonite and it was not pretty.
The more I reflect on my riding the more I realize how complacent I have become. The near misses I have experienced I attributed to the fact that I simply ride more often. As the mileage acrues, so should the awareness.
I have some things to think about on my ride tomorrow.

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