Saturday, August 6, 2016

Hamming It Up!

So to speak.
Like kind of.
I mean, I just started so technically I haven't really been hamming it up yet.
Well, I mean I haven't just started, I started like 20 years ago.
From the beginning.
Okay, not from the way back beginning, but the present day beginning.
Sort of.
Anyways, so I've always had a fascination with radio.
Back when I was shorter, I made one of them crystal radio kits and used to listen to this Hawaiian station that went off the air at like 4:30 in the PM.
It was the only station I could receive.
I used to look at that thing, the crystal radio, and wonder how the hell I was hearing music when there's like no batteries
Then much later there was the CB thing in the seventies, which was fun, then the CB thing again in the nineties, which was fun too, but that led to my amateur radio ticket.
Which was fun too, but only lasted a couple of years.
Listen: you talk on that radio more than you talk to me!
Something had to go in the closet and well, it was the radio.
Flash forward to about a month ago.
Surfing the ole eVilness, I came across a short wave band radio.
Well if you've been following along at home you, the reader, know that I already have a shortwave radio.
Not that I listen to a lot of short wave, but at least I can.
So I'm looking at that short wave radio, wondering where the hell my radio is.
It was in my classroom thankfully.
Well it got me thinking, it would be kinda nice to have one in the classroom and one at home.
You know, just in case.
Then I get this email from one of my local Flickr pals.
Hey dude, I remember you mentioned you were a ham so I was just checking and I noticed that your ticket is about to expire!  Better renew!
Wow thanks!
Didn't really think about it too much.
Okay, I got this license that took a bit to get.
Why not renew even I haven't thought about it for like fifteen years.
Long story short:

I got me not one radio, but two!
Why two?
Obsessiveness I suppose.
The in-between:
I actually put up a CB radio antenna on my lanai along with a CB walkie talkie; you know just to see if anyone was out there.
No one is out there.
In the two weeks I had that CB hooked up, I heard two folks once.
Okay, so I'm not getting a CB.
What's left?
Two meters.
In layman's terms, 144 megahertz.
Which I'm now on.
Or at least listening to.
These newfangled radios nowadays are freakin small!

That's a peace dollar for scale.
More on the peace dollar later.
Actually maybe you don't what to know about the peace dollar.
For Trevor:

I also got some of the Queen's, er King's cash.
Been watching too much Peaky Blinders.
How you English folks ever paid for anything pre decimal I'll never know.
I mean it seems like you had to be proficient in calculus just to buy some bread!
Or something.
Anyways, I'm back on the air!
OTA baby!
Okay, I've only actually keyed my microphone like three times, you know to see if I'm getting out there, but soon I'll be taking over the airwaves!
Hamming it up like a radio fiend!
I've already made a basic outline for world domination.
Thanks to some modern innovations like the computer and the internet, there's actually a radio repeater linked pretty much across these United States.
I'm impressed.
Well anyways we, the islands are about to rained on by some tropical storm remnants so I better go and do what ever the hell it was I was supposed to do.
Or maybe I'll just sit here and listen to my radio.
More excuses to stay on the couch.
If you know what I mean.


Trevor Woodford said...

Never thought about it when using pre-decimal pounds shillings and pence....
I had more of a problem after the switch to decimal coinage having to constantly try to calculate back to the old coins to establish what we were being charged.... All the prices seemd to go up and we were just ripped off....

limom said...

I swear, it seems like you English folks had the most complicated coin system...ever!
Okay, I guess you had to be there...
Still, like why is the penny so, so, GIANT? almost as large as a half crown!
Seems like that penny should be worth at least a buck!
Actually I find it all very nostalgic; I jingle the coins in my pocket while watching Peaky Blinders and Upstairs Downstairs.

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