Saturday, September 26, 2009

Just Grow Up

I have been faced with making a difficult decision this last few weeks.
What to get my one year old nephew for his first birthday.
While this might seem easy at first, if you think about it hard enough it has the potential to drive one quite daffy.
First I though I would get something educational. Then I decided to get something artistic or creative. Then I thought about something that would be entertaining or amusing. Then I gave up.
I came up with alot of neat things. Until I began to think about what exactly a one year old kid does.
Well, I don't exactly know what a one year old kid does. Sleep alot, would be my guess; that's what I would be doing if I didn't have a job or have to go to school.
In my epic search, one thing became a common theme: Beware of small parts.
Not having any children, I looked around at my living room and realized that I live in a potential death trap.
I like small parts.
I like things with small parts.
I like things with small parts and big parts.
I like to have small things to fix the stuff with the small and big parts.
And, I like to have more than one small thing to fix the stuff with the small and big parts (see below).
You can see where it became a problem finding a suitable gift.
The other difficulty, I came to realize, is that I think like a small child.
While not immature (okay, maybe), I tend to see things like I'm seeing them for the first time. Or at least I try to. That means to me, everything is amusing and entertaining.
I still enjoy the toy department. As I shopped for my nephew, it all looked good. It became a one for me, one for him, kind of ordeal.
In the end, I regressed.
Yes, I dug down deep and searched out a side of me reserved for when I have to deal with grown up people. I got something practical.
I know the kid can't read yet, but I thought books would be safe so I got him these:

Those are books I grew up with and enjoyed. My sister can always read to him until he learns to read them on his own. Maybe they'll even be passed on to another kid someday.
Oh, and as I was perusing the childrens book section, I just couln't help it.
I had to get me this:

Maybe one day I'll just grow up.
I hope not.

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