Saturday, December 20, 2014

All Over Again

Winter Break.
Time to relax.
I've got that kadomatsu thing going.
I still have to go in and do semester grades.
Well I did have some time off today and that new to me bicycle has been sitting over in the corner glaring at me for well, letting it sit in the corner.
I've ridden it few times and it's on the squirrelly side, I don't know if it's the stem or the head tube geometry or it's just that it's a new bicycle I have to get used to.
I also need to outfit it so it's you know, more than just a bicycle.
I need to make it my bicycle.
I needed a rack and some other things to off I went!
To the bicycle place:

I was going to order a rack but racks are sort of particular.
I mean they have to fit nice and most important, they have to look good.
Image is everything, don't you know.
This Axiom rack might even be the same rack I had before.
It's good for 150 lbs, not that I plan on packing that much hardware, but it's better to be safe than well, sorry.
If you know what I mean.
I also ordered a new bracket for my Cygolite Expillion:

That set me back twenty bucks, a bit expensive, but I needed it.
For some odd reason, I also lost the on/off button, a little rubber thingy that goes on top.
It's odd because it was there the last time I used the light and well, I haven't used it since.
The folks at Cygolite were kind enough to send me two new ones, no charge:

That's what I call customer service and standing by your product.
My Expillion 600 is a couple of years old and I've been eyeballing the newest version, the 850.
After all, two is better than one.
I think.
Anyways, thanks again to the Cygolite folks!
I also got the newish Turbo Super Blinky thingy:

I tried some others at the bicycle place and that's probably the best for the buck tail light.
Yeah that rack is the same as I see now that I have to modify it to mount the blinky.
Finally, I learned my lesson:

I have stubbornly heeded the wise advice of the sage over on One Speed: Go!; no stinkin cards for me JRA!
I gotta say though, that freakin thing weighs like ten pounds and may exceed the weight limit of my new rack.
I may need a separate trailer to carry it around.
Or something.
Okay, now I just gotta put all that stuff on and I'll be good to go!
After I change them grip shifts to levers and change out the handle bars and stem and get a new seat and seat post and get some new pedals and maybe some wider tires and get a new pump and tool bag...
You get the idea.
Stay tuned.


John Romeo Alpha said...

I bought a "Sold Secure Gold" lock a while back. It's good that I also bought a Burley Travoy trailer, because that seems to be the most practical way to carry a five pound lock around.

Steve A said...

Maybe a mini lock such as ?

limom said...
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limom said...

JRA, was it like one of them humungasoid chains?

Steve A, I thought about a small lock, but decided I might want to lock my wheels up too.