Sunday, February 1, 2015

Sunday Early Edition

Super Sunday!
I am on a mission.
This new film I'm fooling with has me vexed!
Or something!
I just can't shoot it like I normally shoot.
This film ain't got no latitude:

The film I'm talking about is of course, the Eastman 5363.
The film of the devil!
The evil film!
Where is my list of evilness?
Anyways, you pretty much have to be spot on in metering and watch the composition.
Very little give and take here.
Dark is dark and light is light.
This film is King of the Clouds (KOTC!)!

For you Mr. JRA.
Lemme just say, if I could use this film to just shoot clouds all the time I would!
Freakin awesome!
In fact, I may just load up some short rolls, like 20 exposures or so, and keep them in my bag for them nice cloudy days.
The thing is, we don't always have nice cloudy days and I'd like that film to be a bit more useful.
I shot another test this morning.
Stay tuned.


John Romeo Alpha said...

That is some sharp and contrasty film you got. I wonder if it would be any good with skin tones...

Trevor Woodford said...

Looks a great contrasty film...Ideal for the moody gothic style shots that I like so much.....