Friday, March 13, 2015

One the Road Again...

Just like the song.
Sort of.
Anyways, I spent the last couple of days working on the new to me bicycle.
There were a couple of things I needed to do like change out the cranks, and shifters, and stem.
Transform it into well, my bicycle.
If you know what I mean.
The cranks it turns out were 175s, so I ended up putting the old ones back.
I still have some problems with the front derailleur, it won't shift down to the granny gear.
I have another derailleur but I don't have a master link to break the chain.
That's coming in the mail.
The master links I mean.
Well I finally got all these things together and went out to do a final tune.
Which turned into an hour long ride:

The new stem lowered the bars some; I need to drop them a bit more.
I used the same riser bar that came with the bicycle but am looking at other options like a straight bar.
The rack and trunk I swear are exactly the same as my other bicycle, the stolen one.
Funny, it's still my bicycle even if it is probably in a million pieces by now.
The stolen one I mean.
I'm not actually sure I like the 700 wheels.
Or 29er.
I sort of liked the low to ground feel of (here we go again) my MTB and the fatter tires.
On the other hand, when I step on the gas I can feel this bicycle jump.
I wonder how long before this bicycle becomes my bicycle.
Don't be me wrong, I like this bicycle.
It just needs a new seat.
I'm still looking but will probably go with another Flite:

Not sure I like them gums, they're only 32s so I'm also looking for some 35s.
I went and did some laps around the park, you know, to tune up the ole cockpit and make sure everything fits.
It's been a while since I've broken in a new to me bicycle and I've sort of forgotten all the little adjustments that I need to make.
While this bicycle weighs about the same up and down the stairs, it rides lighter.
That's a good thing.
I don't think that Nishiki frame is anything special, but it rides nice, not clunky at all.
I also need some new pedals, the plastic ones are a bit slippery.
Been thinking about some Easton Flatboys again.
The rear super duper blinky needs to be mounted on the rack; I don't trust the attachment thingy on the trunk bag.
What started as a short tune up in the parking lot work turned into an hour or so long ride:

In which I learned one thing: I got no legs.
Okay, I have some legs, not like when I first started riding and I can't walk down stairs.
I don't have any cadence or endurance.
On with the Prevaricating Garmin again and the ole heart rate monitor so I can get back in shape.
I got fat.
More on this later.
So anyways, I'm back on the road again!
The journeys  continue.
Stay tuned.


Trevor Woodford said...

Great that you are back on the road....
I also need to start riding back to some level of fitness again...

limom said...

thanks Trevor!
then again if I had a mobile couch...

John Romeo Alpha said...

The road is under you, and your bike is between you and the road, again. And the couch has been left far behind.

limom said...

You know I never realized how much I miss it until today when I kept looking for an excuse to get back out.
Not that I need an excuse...