Saturday, October 11, 2014


Still in mourning.
The more I think about it, my bicycle I mean, the more I realize how great it was.
I really did have it set up to do what I needed it do, and I suppose it will take a while to get another bicycle set up the same way.
I'm going to try and pick the Bicycle With the Funny Name this weekend.
If I ever make it out to my brother's house.
This week we had another lunar eclipse:

I hauled out the ole telescope, more on that later, and took some pics through the eyepiece.
You can just see some color in the last frame.
By then the moon was so dark, I had to boost the ISO in my camera something fierce so I switched off to Big Mama:

Here's the set up:

I was going down to the park, but I could see well enough right from the parking lot downstairs.
The eclipse took place just when the moon was around zenith so I had to bend my neck some.
The right angle on the 'scope served me well.
Watching planetary events like this reminds me that we, planet Earth, are just a another small satellite in a bigger picture.
In a bigger bigger picture.
If you know what I mean.
I've been off this week and mainly taking it easy and doing my laziness drills.
The darkroom experiments continue:

More on this later.


Chandra said...

Thanks for posting phenomenal pictures of the moon (Chandra) :)

Peace :)

John Romeo Alpha said...

You are no longer in an n+1 situation--you have to get back to n! The blood moon is an omen, a good one for new bikes I think.

limom said...

Chandra, yeah it was a nice one! Better than last time.

JRA, actually I sort of like having the extra space. Then again I miss my bike. A lot.
I'm gonna try and pick up the Bike With The Funny Name this weekend.

Chandra said...

I am eagerly awaiting the 'new' bike and the 'christening'.

Bonne chance, mon ami!

Peace :)