Sunday, October 5, 2014

Sunday Final

I'm still sad.
I really liked that bicycle.
It was all set up they way I needed it to be, you know, with the rack and the cooler thingy and the lights and stuff.
Lesson learned.
I had been out earlier that day, looking for mangos, and I came back to the Flat Tire Command Center (FTCC) to drop some stuff off before going out again.
So in my laziness, I just cabled it to the back fence in the parking lot.
I've done that before, leaving it for half a day even.
I was upstairs for less than a half hour and when I came back well, you know.
That's not where this story ends.
Since I was going back out, and since my bicycle was well, gone, after kicking myself and saying some unholy things I just jumped into my car and headed off.
I mean what could I do?
Until I saw some dude on my bicycle about half a block up the street!
No really.
I must have just missed this guy because there he was, just cruising along!
Now if I was in a right frame of mind I might have done something different.
Unfortunately, I wasn't.
In the right frame of mind I mean.
I step on the gas and try to catch him.
A car pulls out in front of me.
No problem, just get the hell out of my way!
I'm in the right lane, the dude on my bicycle is in the right lane.
I pull up to him and say in my most pleasant voice: you're riding my bicycle motherf*cker!
Then I swerve to try and cut him off.
In a nice way I mean.
Now the sane thing to do would have been to call the cops and follow him.
The sane thing.
Needless to say, I wasn't in a sane frame of mind.
The dude looks at me, hits the brakes, and jumps the curb and takes off.
I look at him, jump the curb and take off after him.
Just like in the movies.
Okay, not really.
I had to get off the sidewalk.
He turns right at the intersection, crosses the street and heads off against traffic.
I turn right and see him go.
I contemplated following him.
Against traffic I mean.
It wasn't as busy as the lane I was in and thinking back, I probably could have made it.
As long as I could have avoided oncoming cars.
Now I'm sitting in car thinking about breaking more traffic laws.
Thankfully I just thought about it.
I also thought about all the different things I could have done.
Unfortunately, what's done is done.
I'm not going to lie, I wish I had run him over with my car.
No really.
Damn the torpedoes full speed ahead and all that.
I could have pinned him in, I could have waited for a stoplight, I could have called the popo.
I've been trying not the think of all the different scenarios.
Cause it makes me sad.
I take some comfort in the fact that he could have pulled off at any time and lost me.
I also take some comfort in the fact that I probably scared the hell out of him.
Still, my bicycle is gone.
Could I have gotten it back?
Would it have been worth it?
Bottom line is I stayed out of trouble and I'm looking for another ride.
Bicycle thieves.
I should have run him over.


Trevor Woodford said...

I know it's always easy with the benefit of hindsight...but perhaps when you pulled alongside the b**tard you should have just pushed him off the bike whilst telling him it was yours. He would probably have just run off but if he didn't you could then have run over

Steve A said...

So, you track the guy down yet?

limom said...

Trevor, yeah looking back I could have done a lot of things but what's done is done.

Steve A, now every time I see someone on a bicycle I look to see if it's mine.
Hawaii is a small place and I remember what that dude looks like.