Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Picture Picture on the Wall...

Who's the fairest of them all?
Of course if my pictures were mirrors, it would be me.
There's something disconcerting looking at a picture of myself.
You know, your own smiling mug staring right back at you.
Thankfully I don't have any pictures of myself hanging around.
Not that I'm not good to look at don't you know.
Anyways, I started framing some pictures.
Ghetto style.
Just popping them in the frames, not mounting them, just to see how they looked:

Okay, not the greatest pictures, the pictures of the pictures I mean, but it's late and I had to deal with the glare of the lamp.
Okay, the pictures in the frames aren't the greatest either.
Which brings me to my point.
What looks good on the ole computer, doesn't exactly translate to photographic goodness in person.
Once I print it on paper and stick em in a frame I mean.
The frame adds a whole different dimension, a look, that some pictures just can't hold.
They just don't look good in a frame.
Too small I think.
Mostly too stupid.
I have to face it, I take a lot of pictures of nothing.
Could be something, but mostly nothing.
I sort of feel like all I've been doing for the past two years was just practice.
Maybe it was.
The 8x8s I've been working on look a little better:

The horizon is little off on that last one.
I'll frame them once I figure out a mounting process.
It's difficult to tell how an image is going to look once you frame it, but thankfully I got a large selection to well, select from:

That's about a year's worth of film; not sure how many rolls I've been through but apparently it's quite a bit.
Looks like I got a project in front of me.
Anyways, between printing pictures and work, I also had the chance to take some students to a pumpkin carving contest:

Two of the three students that showed up.
Between the four of us, we had to maul, I mean carve up five pumpkins with the seven wonders of the world as a theme.
We didn't win anything.
I did the first two.
Wanna guess what they represent?
It was fun and the students, who had never carved a pumpkin before, had a nice time.
We'll do better next year.
With that, I hope you have your pumpkin carved, all spooky and scary!
This year I'm dressing up as me!
That's scary enough.
In a handsome sort of way.

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