Thursday, January 15, 2015

Outside the Box

Or inside the box.
Or just a box.
Camera I mean:

I don't know why but I was compelled to purchase one of these olden days box cameras.
Okay, I really liked the deco looks.
These cameras are/were good examples of how simple photography can be.
A box, a shutter and a way to advance the film.
Really all you need.
Come to think about it, that's how my pinhole cameras are made.
Anyways, I was surprised by the pictures I got:

The images are not super sharp, then again they don't look like they came from a camera that cost like one dollar.
Way back when.
Them Kodak Brownies brought photography to the masses, allowing everyone to own a camera.
Which I'm guessing, everyone did.
Own a camera I mean.
The film for this thing ain't cheap anymore, it's medium format shooting 6x9:

So you only get eight shots per roll.
I gotta say though, there's a nostalgic feeling you get shooting this thing, the most basic of cameras.
Hopefully I'll get more shots over the weekend.
Better than time travel.


Trevor Woodford said...

A box of nostalgia........

limom said...

sorry about the Leicas...