Sunday, January 11, 2015

Sunday Early Edition

Is it Sunday already?
Seems like it was just Sunday, like last Sunday.
Don't remember what happened in-between.
Oh wait.
Okay, I remember now.
I took a bunch of kids up to the North Shore:

Here we are on the bus heading out to Hale'iwa.
It was a 2.5 hour ride; we should have left earlier.
More on this later.
I was really anticipating this trip cause there were waves out there:

It was only about 6-8ft, the swell was coming down.
While I was watching the waves, the kids were off looking at dead fish:

I don't think they even walked on sand.
Go figure.
We just ended up taking some pics around the harbor:

Besides the boat harbor, Hale'iwa is a one strip town, mostly catering to tourists now.
Gone are most of the old school surf shops, replaced with gift shops and food places.
Some things are still the same:

Mostly though there's a ton of renovations going on with the old buildings taking on a newer look that only appears old.
Old Hale'iwa is slowly becoming the new old Hale'iwa.
If you know what I mean.
Anyways, we ended up mostly looking for someplace to eat; lunch and ice cream.
We didn't have much time to actually spend there as we needed to get back by a reasonable time.
The motley crew with the famous Hale'iwa bridge in the background:

I swear it looked like I was leading a tour group around.
Anyways, I think the kids had fun even if most of our time was spent on the bus.
A couple of them had never been out to that part of the island so it was nice for them.
We're already planning the next trip.


John Romeo Alpha said...

One man's dead fish is another man's sushi. Or surströmming. Mmmm, surströmming.

Chandra said...

The photo of the boat is very nice, Limom.
Dang it, now I have to come and see you in HI :)

Have a Beautiful Day!
Peace :)

Steve A said...

As Chase from the "Incredible Journey" would say: "Tuna, TUNA TUNA TUNA!"