Monday, February 18, 2013

Boxing It All Up

I gotta say, I don't much like moving but in another sense it's kinda fun.
All those boxes, how to fit things in, it's like a humungous jigsaw puzzle.
On the other hand, I wish it was all like a jigsaw puzzle before it went in the boxes, then I might not be taking as long.
Unfortunately, there's a little bit here and a little bit there and some other stuff over yonder and etc.
So it's taking me longer than expected.
Not good.
From here it's going over there:

Over there being the The Warehouse where I've bee allotted the floor space equal to two pallets.
I hate to tell my brother, but I think I'm taking up more space than that!
In fact, I'm a moving in:

The New Flat Tire Temporary Command Center(NFTTCC!)!
Okay, it's in a warehouse, but at least the rent is cheap.
Like in free.
Absolutely free!
Sort of.
More on this later.


John Romeo Alpha said...

The NFTTCC could use a few coats of paint and some posters, maybe a plant or cactus or two, to warm it up a bit.

Trevor Woodford said...

Following JRA's comment...I would hang your bikes on the walls...If you are not using them you might as well turn them into works of art... :0)

limom said...

I haven't yet decided on a decorative motif.
I'm working on it though.
Sort of.