Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sunday Early Edition

So I've been kinda busy, you know, packing up all all the essentials for the New Flat Tire Command Center(NFTCC).
Lemme tell you, it ain't been easy sorting through all the crap, uh, treasure.
In my mind it seemed like an easy job, but them boxes sure are small when you finally start filling them up!
More on this later.
I also got to clean out the gara-, uh, studio and find some place to put all the power tools and stuff.
I gotta say, at first I was a bit sad about leaving, but I'm also excited about scaling down and simplifying.
I am after all, a minimalist.
Sort of.
So, the Great Sweep(GS) continues.
Then there's this photo contest.
The local Canon place is holding a contest called Snapshots of Hawaii or something, you can read about it here.
Well seeing as how first place is a brand new camera and over at school we could use a new camera I've been scouring the island trying to take a few decent pics.
The thing is, I suppose just about every square foot of shoreline has already been photographed so it's been difficult finding something interesting to shoot.
The other night I went down to Honolulu Harbor and abouts:

Some dudes fishing.
I spent a lot of time at that spot, in another life, fishing there too.
It was actually less fishing and more cold beverage though.
That's right at the other entrance to the harbor, next to the draw bridge.
Come to think about it, it's been a while since I've seen that bridge move.
Here's a shot of Honolulu:

Not quite the shot I wanted.
You can see the houses up in the mountains.
Well, mountains to us, hills to most.
I'm still trying to get my shots crispy and tack sharp.
Although I'm using a tripod, I'm still getting some softness on the edges.
Photo folks have also taken advantage of the deadening properties of carbon fibre, the newer tripods have carbon legs.
Seems carbon does better with vibrations and such.
I could have told them that!
I also went out during the day to catch this picture of a honking big boat:

I was just checking exposure here so I took a picture of the behind part.
See Aloha Tower on the right.
Anyways, I'm back to a packing and a sorting.
Rearranging my life if you will.
First I'm going out to try and catch the sunrise.
Got some new filters to try.
More on that later too.

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