Thursday, February 28, 2013

Maybe I Spoke a Bit Too Soon

Or, I did some bachi to myself.
Just talking about that dust thingy made some dust magically appear!
I just knew I shouldn't have said anything.
So, just what is all the brouhaha about?

If you squint yer eyeballs, in the upper left corner you can see some spots.
If you really squint yer eyeballs, there are also some spots in the middle of the image.
I'm not real sure where exactly this dust is coming from, and it also could be some residual lubricant, but it's there.
What to do?
Bust this out:

Cheapo blower thingy that came with a cleaning kit.
Not as blowerful as some others I've seen, but okay for now.
Mirror up!

Blow like hell and...
Oh oh.
Okay, mirror up and blow like hell and...
Oh oh.

Well the dust in the upper left is still there, so that may be lubricant, but the rest of the other dustiness is gone.
Am I worried?
Not really.
Which is sort of unusual since I'm sort of particular about this sort of thing.
I mean it's not really bothering my images, not like a hot pixel would or something.
I actually knew the dust was already there from the time I took the class to the beach.
It's one of those things that you don't really notice unless you look for it.
Okay, I'm sort of bothered by it, but I ain't rushing out to get it cleaned.
I'll probably purchase a sensor cleaning kit and just do it myself.
I mean it's not exactly rocket science.
Maybe I'll just wait until I really need to clean it.
Until then, I'll just keep imaging away.
Oh, and I'm still packing.
More on that later.


Trevor Woodford said...

There I was peering and a squinting at that empty looking emptiness...when in walks my Wife....
She had a suspicion that I had lost the plot...she now feels that it is confirmed.."There's nothing there" she said...and I have to admit I didn't see anything either! If you have to squint that closely to see something then to all intents and purposes it isn't there..... :-)

limom said...

I hear you on that.
The problem is, I know them dust bunnies are there.
I"ll post up some crops later.
I mean I was a blowing on that sensor a bit the other day so maybe the dust has departed.
I hope.