Saturday, February 23, 2013

Still Packing

More boxes.
Actually it doesn't look like I got much but I guess when it's all spread out it's a different story.
Cause lemme tell you, I got a lot o'stuff.
I also got more stuff to just toss out.
Anyways, I took the big stuff over the new/temporary place today, since I'd like to be out of the old Command Center by next week.
My new walls:

Almost the same color as the ole Celeste Devil!
It'll blend right on in!
The only thing bad about living in a warehouse is that there are no windows.
I have sort of a balcony thingy, here's my view:

I"ll need to decorate a bit.
My new living room:

It's really not that bad, just a bit claustrophobic.
If you know what I mean.
I suppose I could always open the warehouse doors and look over at the other side of the warehouse.
Or I could put up some posters on the walls.
Or something.
Okay, I'm a still boxing stuffs up so off I go!


Trevor Woodford said...

Doesn't look too bad for a warehouse..nice and cozy.
Wish you well with all the's a job I hate!
I think that I will be having a move sometime over the next couple of years and I gotta say I am not looking forward to it...


Ron Labrador said...

I thought for a second Wolf's Head was some kind of beer!

limom said...

Trevor, the only thing I'm worried about is lack of windows.

Ron, it would have been beer.
In another life I mean.