Monday, April 28, 2014

Change is Good?

Artists go through evolutions.
I mean you start off, then you get better, then I think you reach a point where it all comes together and your efforts become well, effortless.
You can do it without thinking.
Which was my goal with ceramics, especially making vessels on the wheel.
After you can make a perfect shape, it then becomes more about putting your mark on it, making it look like it was handmade.
Things change.
I mean you can get perfect bowls at Pier 1.
If you know what I mean.
With photography, being so dynamic at least for me, I don't think there is a perfect stage.
No such animal as the perfect picture.
Pursuit is what it's all about.
I think.
So after reading them books, I became a little more aware of what I was seeing and how I am approaching things.
Which I think is sort of a bad thing.

While with some shots, I can take my time and frame and reframe and position and reposition, for the most part, I shoot on the fly.
I'm not just wandering around out there, for me it's sort of like riding my bicycle: get in and get out.
So I'm constantly on the move.

I look for things to take pictures of, as opposed to having a picture come to me.
Even when I stop it's never for more than a minute or two as I take the shot and move on.
As I said, it's dynamic.

Thinking about it slows me down.
To be honest, either I'm very lucky or there's something going on subconsciously because I walk into some nice shots.
What I mean is the original intent wasn't there, but after I look at it, certain elements just fell into place.
Over thinking the shot is just uncomfortable for me.
Now I'm not trying to toot my own horn here.
Actually the way I feel about it that I am incredibly lucky.
So I'm not going to pay any attention to what I just read.
Okay, not really.
I wanted to gain some insight to what I do, I just think it's better not to think about it.
If that makes any sense.
I was hoping to 'tweak' my approach, but I think sometimes change is just change.
Like the change in your pocket it doesn't add up to much unless you put a whole bunch of it together.
Anyways, Flickr has a promotion going with photo books.
For like ten bucks you can get a 20 page book with shipping.
That's a deal!
So I went ahead and made one up.
Then I made another one.
More on this later.

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