Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sunday Early Edition

Sort of early anyways.
I mean early for me.
I was up early, but I had to do some laundry so here I am.
Picture blast day!
Okay, I blast you, the reader, with pictures every day but today I'm working backwards for there are tons of pictures I just didn't have time to post.

The equipment.
My Crumpler Six Million Dollar Home, which turned out to be a Seven Million Dollar Home and my Nikon S2 rangefinder.
Taken with my digital camera.
There's also a Nikon FE2 in the bag.
Gotta be prepared don't you know.
Interesting bicycle:

I see these 'rat bikes' all the time, but what caught my eyeballs were them awesome handlebars!
3T stem and all!

Awesome and original use of the bar ends there!
Notice how they curve in towards the center!
Running that smaller front tire probably increased his head tube angle some so along with them chic bars I'll bet following that folk is an adventure in drafting.
I'm betting the next trend is one handed bicycling steering with just the stem!
Cold refreshment:

I have another cold refreshment image of some mango sorbet, but I gotta go and look for it.

There are a lot of bicycle pics I could do at night, but after taking about two it gets sort of cliche.
If you know what I mean.
I see a lot of interesting things while canvasing my Honolulu, and sometimes I pass on taking a picture cause I'm trying to be all artsy fartsy.
As you can see, it's getting to my head.
My rather enlarged head.
So it's good for me to just go out and just take all sorts of pictures, you know, to remember where I came from.
So to speak.

I spent about a half hour or so taking pictures of this fountain thingy.
Before being asked to leave by security.
Dangerous thing, this picture taking hobby.
More on that later as I go through the images.
I've gone back to some places I've already been, to look at again, and change my approach or point of view:

I must have like a GAGILLION photos of this place as I take a picture almost every time I pass by which is like at least once a week.
What I don't have is an image of both sides of the canal at once.
Until now.
Never noticed with my naked eyeballs how one side looks almost noir et blanc compared to the other side.
Just goes to show that no matter how many times you think you see something, there's always something you're missing!
Which is why I suppose, I never get tired of walking through Waikiki:

For obvious reasons, Waikiki is one of the few places around these parts where bicycling on the sidewalk is illegal.
Now, I go into the Concrete Jungle at least once a week.
A couple of weeks ago I noticed this:

There's like words on the sidewalk!
Hawaiian words!
Looking down on the ground is a good thing!
More words on the ground to come!
Anyways, kiln work was cancelled today so I get to practice some laziness drills, I did really well yesterday, before I saddle up and hit the bricks.
The streets.
I haven't been out to take a picture in anger for a week or so and I'm a raring to go!
After the laziness drills I mean.


John Romeo Alpha said...

Other than squeezing through tight spots in traffic, which I bet those handlebars excel at, I wonder what they're like to ride...

limom said...

like eating ramen with one chopstick? you can do it, but not very well