Monday, April 21, 2014

I Have an Excuse

No really.
I usually try to get out at least one post out on Sunday, but I was busy.
No, really.
It all started on Saturday.
I was busy that day too.
It started off with that camera swap meet thingy where I managed to unload a couple of cameras, not as many as I wanted to unload, but at least my bag was lighter when I left.
Anyways, then I went off to shoot some film.

There's some strangeness right there.
Not sure what that's all about.
I went down to Aloha Tower to check things out.

The Falls of Clyde still slowly deteriorating at the dock.
Boy, someone has do to something about that!
Aloha Tower is going through a change as a local university has taken over the lease.
Gone are all the party places I haunted, you know, back in another life:

There's some memories right there.
Kinda sad to see.
Requisite palm tree shot:

Then it was over across the street, sort of, for the Honolulu Night Market.
They close off a street and have a bunch of food trucks and art stuff:

Boy, it was crowded!
I also ate some awesome jambalaya!
I would show you a pic, but well, I ate it.
So anyways, I waddled back home so that I could develop all that film.
Then on Sunday, I did some more developing.
I had a couple of rolls sitting around and I was supposed to go someplace, it was Easter don't you know, but I did some laziness drills instead.
All day.
I could have posted up at night, the Late Edition, but I went across the street to scan the negatives.
Which you see above.
Then it rained.
So I had to stay and take some rain shots:

The Angry Ramp.
Okay, those aren't all rain shots but trust me, it was a raining and a blowing and I got water drops all over my oh so precious lens.
I was afraid it was gonna melt.
If you know what I mean.
Well I shot a whole roll out there in the rain sleet hail blizzard tornado storm.
The things I do for you, the reader!
Then I had to go back home and develop the roll I just shot.
By the time I was done well, I was done.
I went to sleep.
Now here I am!
Sort of.
I mean I'm here, but now I'm gone.


Steve A said...

"Falls of Clyde" is also a street in Ocean Shore

limom said...

Gotta be a connection to the ship.