Saturday, April 5, 2014

One Down

On Thursday we had our digital media thingy that I organized.
I got it off and we showed the student's works to like 15 people.
Not exactly a success, but not really a success.
If you know what I mean.
The students who won stuff weren't even there so I didn't even hand out awards.
Which was okay since I only had like four trophies.
I had to ghetto second and third place for lack of funding and I made these certificate thingys from Office Max.
Okay, that's one down and a few things I got left to take care of.
More on this later.
I've also been working on the kiln.
Remember? the kiln? from about a year ago?

Well the past couple of Sunday, and tomorrow, we've been working on the manifold for the burners.
Not as easy at it looks for we had to measure and thread all the pipe on our own.
The burners have to match up to the holes in the bottom of the kiln and there isn't much tolerance for error.
Hopefully we can get that kiln up and running so I can get back to doing some clay.
I've also been out and about with my camera.
I used up the last of that super slow ASA/ISO 6 film:

I don't think it does anything better than a 'normal' ISO50 film, but I do have cameras that would benefit from a slow speed film.
I was walking into Waikiki the other night when I saw some flashes on the horizon so I turned right and headed to the beach where I managed to get some long exposure images of some lightning:

We don't get real lightning here, I mean the lightning rarely touches ground so we don't get fantastical bolts or anything.
Mostly just flashes that hide behind the clouds though that night there were some nice big bolts.
Unfortunately, I missed them.
I sat for a half hour or so taking ten second exposures and all the nice flashes came in between my shots!
I'm starting to use my Nikon rangefinder almost exclusively:

I can't say enough about how much I like this lens!
The way it softens light and the glow it creates!
I like it.
Still, I'm beginning to see examples of where sharpness would have been better and I still carry around three cameras.
More on this later too.
Okay, I got to clean up all the camera uh, stuff I got laying around here and then I got to go out and shoot some pictures.
I got like three cameras sitting here all with different kinds of film.
Been like that for a while.
I'm also supposed to do some other stuff today, but I might just practice my laziness drills.
I've been slacking off on that.
Does that even make sense?

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