Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Double Trouble

I mean it might be trouble.
Or error.
Or something.
I was going to call this post XX but then I know you, the reader, would get the wrong idea.
Oh yeah, I know how you think out there.
It is about XX, or double exposures as I call them:

Actually that's a XXX.
Triple mistake.
More on that later.
Double exposures can look cool, but for now they are for the most part, unintended so they are mistakes.
User error.
Operator misoperation.
You know what I mean:

In the examples above, I exposed half a roll then took it out to put some different film in the camera.  Then I forgot about the roll and reloaded it up in yet another camera and well, double exposed the film.
Imagine my surprise/chagrin when I developed the film.
I think I expletiveded.
Out loud.
Still the results are sort of cool and unique.
Even if I ruined some possibly very nice shots.
The camera can actually do this on purpose, though my examples here aren't.
On purpose I mean.
I can still learn from them as double exposures are sort of hit and miss but now I think I understand them better.
Even if they are unintentional:

They do have potential as they can be surreal.
Something for me to work on this summer.
Speaking of summer work.
Well, more on that later.

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