Sunday, May 11, 2014

Sunday Final

Long day.
Happy Mother's Day by the way, for all you mothers out there.
I mean that in a nice way of course.
So anyways, I had some Mother's Day brunch then when I came back to the Flat Tire Command Center I promptly fell into my laziness drills.
I think I'm going to try and qualify for the next Laziness Olympics;  I'm that good!
Then when I woke up, to the streets I went!
More on that later.
The other day I was so excited because I got this:

Hear that splash?
That's me going off the deep end!
Nice camera that takes nice pictures:

Is it better than the other cameras I got?
Probably not.
Still, it is a Rollei.
PRO and all that.
Remember, image is everything.
Anyways, the real test for these cameras is low light.
Cause that's how I roll.
Or something:

Most of my shots came out like that, under exposed.
I'm not used to shooting this film, which was 3200 speed.
I needed the fast film to compensate for the slower f3.5 lens.
I did get some okay shots:

Composing with them TLR cameras is almost like composing blind.
The viewing lens is only at f3.5 which is like three stops darker than what I'm used to so it's a bit difficult to see in low light.
More on this later.
Over all though, they are fun to use.
The TLR cameras I mean.
While I wouldn't shoot them all the time, they are a nice change from what I usually shoot with.
Speaking of a nice change, I also loaded up some film in this:

The Kodak Brownie Bullet originally took 127 film, which is like 120 film only smaller.
I figured out how to get some 35mm film in there so it shoots what's called sprocket pictures:

It's kinda fun also, but I still need to tweak the transport system a bit.
More on this later too.
Okay, I had a long day, the latter part walking around in the rain so I better go and perfect the ole laziness drills.
I got more stuff to talk about, but you know, good things come to those who wait.
Something I know nothing about.
If you know what I mean.


John Romeo Alpha said...

Back when I got photographic magazines and was camera-crazy, I always wanted a Rollie and a Hasselblad. Jealous!

limom said...

No Hassie for me!
I'm too deep into MF as it is.
More on this later, believe it or not.
Don't be jealous.
Not yet.