Saturday, May 31, 2014

Quest For...

Yet another quest!
I started off today walking to the local Safeway.
I was looking for something in particular and didn't find it.
So it was across the street to Walgreens.
Then across the street again to Long's.
Same as Walgreen's except a different name.
Why they are competing I don't know, the same company owns both.
That would be CVS.
So anyways, I was sad.
Then I was happy for it was  a really nice day and I decided to go out for a ride.
Quest on a bicycle!
For a magazine.
See three months back I was Waikiki taking some pictures of the Honolulu Festival and I get an email from some dude who says he's from a magazine and that they would like to run my picture.
Sure, I say.
Send me the file, he says.
Okay, says I.
So I send it off and another dude emails me asking for some info on the taking part; what I was doing, what I was thinking etc.
Then that was it.
Until now.
Now I can't find a copy of that freakin issue!
Modern Luxury Hawaii.
If you flip through the May/June digital issue you, the reader, will find a picture taken by yours truly.
I am officially PRO!
Except I haven't gotten paid.
Hopefully a check is in the mail.
Or something.
Anyways, while I Questing for Magazine, I got me some lunch and went down to the waterfront:

I was feeling sort of down, you know, cause I couldn't find any proof of my PROness, so I stopped off  to get me some huli huli chicken.
Huli means flip or turn over in Hawaiian so basically is grilled chicken that has been flipped over.
You sort of have to be there to understand:

Lunch consisted of half a flipped chicken, some musubis and some kim chee.
Oh yeah.
I was feeling pretty happy after that!
Still no magazine though.
I even went to Barnes and Nobles and if they ain't got it, well I'm out of ideas!
How will I be able to brag to all my students that I'm officially PRO?
How will I be able to brag to anyone that I'm officially PRO?
I need proof!
Anyways I hung around the beach a bit cause it was a really nice day and all sorts of folks were out enjoying the sun:

Or at least hanging out in the shade.
I wanted to finish up a roll of film in one of my cameras but I never got around to it.
Sometimes it's nice just to take everything in.
Since I'm officially on vacation.
Oh yeah.
Except my room looks like this:

Which means I'll be going back in next week to clean things up.
Which is a good thing cause it means I got a job next year.
Speaking of jobs, I got this part time thing going on this summer to supplement the ole income.
More on this later.


Andrew Cooper said...

Always nice to get published. I have gotten in a few local pubs, A full page in Hana Hou, and the front page of the Star-Advertiser... Twice.

None of those paid anything. Not that I try to make a living with the photography. I can think of few quicker ways to starve.

I did sell some vid clips for a Nova production last year. That check paid for a camera;) Hope you get a check!

Steve A said...

Longs = CVS. Walgreens is a separate company.

limom said...

Steve A, I thought Walgreens bought CVS or vice versa?

Andrew Cooper, yeah, getting published is okay, but not high on my list.
Besides, it was more of a snapshot than a making pictures shot.
At least you got a camera out of your work, I'd be happy if my work at least paid for my film.
Still it's bragging rights and my claim to being PRO!
If I can ever find that magazine...