Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Dark Knight

I found out the other day that Rollei is pronounced roll-eye.
Sort of like Leica except with a Roll.
Like Nikon is supposed to be knee-con, no one pronounces it that way.
Well no one I've ever talked to anyways.
So a couple of nights ago I took the ole Roll-eye out to see how it did with night lights.
I just took a walk over to the new Longs/CVS store that opened up across from work so it's like just up the block from me.
It's an all nighter store which works out great just in case I need like toilet paper or Spam at 2 in the morning.
There wasn't much to photograph, I mean I've pretty much covered that ground but I found some stuff anyways:

Yet another pic of the slush place.
Focusing is way better as the image is way brighter!
Almost like looking through a real camera!
Remember, most of the glass I'm looking through is f1.4 so I'm still losing 2 stops of light.
I shot 400 speed film to compensate.
I didn't really miss the 1/15 shutter speed as I shot mostly at 1/10 or 1/25.
The shutter button is bit stiff and will take some getting used to though it's not jerky like my Konica Autos.
Framing and composing is difficult mainly because I often cannot see what's in the whole frame.
Part of that is my subject matter and part of that is again the slower lens.
The 'Flex focuses front the left which is different from all the other TLR's I have and I find it a bit awkward,
I suppose if it was the only camera I had it would be fine, but I prefer the right side focus knobs with a right side shutter.
Being right handed and all.

The Zeiss Planar lens handles light and flare well.
None of that 'glow' like my Nikon S2.
I didn't get a chance to get background blur, so that's still a question.

I like this camera and it looks like it's ready for Prime Time.
The 400 speed film looks nice and I don't think I'll have a problem with the shutter speeds.
There are some quirks I'll need to get used to and I'll have to work on my shutter firing control as the button is not the smoothest.
Over all though it is a nice camera to use, better than the 'Cord.
More on this later.
Okay, three day week end with a forecast for rain and that's not good as Sunday is graduation.
On the other hand I like shooting in the rain and overcast so I better get out and take some pictures.
Maybe even ride my bicycle.


Chandra said...

I like the 1st shot the most.
The gas station is a very nice photo also.
Peace :)

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