Monday, May 26, 2014

Through Red Colored Glass

So the last few days I've been experimenting a bit.
Shooting low speed film through a red filter:

It's supposed to add more contrast and darken the sky, which it does, but it also allows me to shoot with a lower f/stop and take advantage of some depth of field.
The unfortunate thing is sometimes my shots come out really dark:

Even when I try to remember to shoot a bit over exposed.
I like the effect when the images do come out:

You really have to be conscious of your composition.
Light and dark high contrast work, even light not so much though I suppose it could.
The difficult thing is looking through the view finder and seeing all red!
Again, what you see and what the camera sees are different things; this may take a while to get used to.
I have red filter adapter for all/most of my cameras so this is something I'll be working on this summer.
Oh, here's some dude firing up the bobby cue on the second floor of a parking lot:

I guess it was okay because of the rain:

Which I was trying to outrun all day yesterday.
I had to take a shelter a couple of times to wait out the really big drops, but other than that it was a thick drizzle most of the time.
I'm starting to prefer overcast days, especially at mid day.
The light is diffuse and not hard and I like the effect.
Of course afternoon and mornings are still the best.
I also got me a new scanner:

By next week I won't have access to the school stuff so I figured it was time to get my own.
Scanner I mean.
The Epson V700 is like a middle of the road model as they make an upgraded version too.
I'm sad.
I'm not quite PRO.
As you can see it can do 24 frames of 35mm at once time and in 6x6 it can scan two strips for six frames.
It's also a lot faster than the school scanner, which is an Epson V600.
I was actually going to get one of those cause it's just about all the scanner I need, but this one came up on the ole CL and it was at a price I couldn't refuse.
If you know what I mean.
So I'm pretty much all set for the break!
Got my scanner, film and all the cameras I'll ever need!
About the camera part I mean.

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