Monday, September 22, 2014

Monday Early Edition

So much for Sunday.
Was there a Sunday?
Seems like I missed it.
So anyways, here I am in my prep period, period 3 to be exact, trying to catch on up.
Last week I got in some new glass:

So I finally got around to making the lens boards and I was able to do some testing.
With these lenses, the important thing is coverage, meaning do they project an image that covers the film.
I'm still learning all the ins and outs of large format lenses and as usual I made a mistake.
Well I should have known better, but being hasty and all I went ahead an got me an uncoated lens.
Lenses are coated with anti-reflection and transmission well, coatings.
The newer the lens the better, but for the most part stuff made after WWII is good to go.
Except the lens I got:

Here you can see the difference in the instant film test.
The Ektar lens which I got just doesn't hold up the coated lenses, which includes a 90mm Raptar wide angle lens I also just received.
I was disappointed cause I was really looking forwards to some special Ektar pictures!
Okay, so it's not so contrasty; I'll see how it does at night.
Anyways, I got that 90mm Raptar (you can see the wider angle in the test shots) like I said and I wanted to see how it did for I was worried about whether or not it would cover the film.
It's sort of interesting in that the wider the lens field of view, the smaller the image circle it creates for  the film.
In other words, something like a 210mm lens covers the film better than a 135mm.
The 90mm Raptar lens is nice:

I'm still getting used to that camera and these pics are a bit overexposed for my liking.
Still, that new lens is nice and contrasty, sharp too.
These large format cameras are used primarily for landscapes, but I'm more of an urban shooter.
I need to get used to the FOV the lenses create and pick an all around lens to use.
More on this later.
Well it seems there are more to these large format cameras so I decided to get some help:

Might as well know what I'm doing.
Or at least try to look like what I'm doing.
Image is everything.
Don't you know.
So anyways,  Saturday was Homecoming and I spent part of yesterday going through the 400+ images I took at the game.
That's right frames per seconds fans!
I outdid myself!
I gripped it and ripped it!
I knew I was over three hundred frames, but I didn't think I was in 400+ land!
Oh well.
More on that later.


Chandra said...

This Large Format thing is, well, beyond me.
But, looks like you are having lots fun and I am enjoying that :)

Peace :)

limom said...

To tell you the truth it's a bit beyond me too but I'm having fun figuring it all out!