Sunday, September 7, 2014

Sunday Early Edition

Well, early for me anyways.
Things are finally settling down at work and I'm sort of getting into a groove.
I'm still a bit busy working of some stuff but I'm slowly clearing my desk.
Slowly is the key word here.
So anyways, I got this:

Zeiss Ikon Ikonta 523/2 which shoots 6x9.
I don't know why I bought it for I don't really like these types of cameras, but I figured I'd give it another try:

That's what happens when you forget to focus.
These zone focus cameras need to be manually focused before each shot.
Moi, the bananahead, I keep forgetting.
When I do remember it's okay:

The camera is missing some parts and the film advance knob is bent; not sure if this one is a keeper.
So anyways, I got up early to go and get those test shots, so by the time lunch rolled around I was pretty hungry.
For a burrito!

That's the dine in version from the burrito place last week.
I was so hungry I ordred a side:

Boy that tamale was nice too.
As you can see, I'm working on going through the menu.
After I ate all that, I was pretty full and I felt like doing some laziness drills but I was on a mission.
To test this:

I got that for the kids to fool with a while back and never had the time or inclination to test it out.
I only got two shots:

That camera takes a special roll film back and the darn thing kept failing.
Okay not really it was more like me fail.
The film back kept opening whenever I pulled it out and it ruined the other six exposures on the roll.
Okay not really as I forgot to put back the dark slide thingy and I ruined two frames.
Okay, you can say it.
Thankfully I didn't care for I was still on a burrito high.
If you know what I mean.
When I got home and developed the film I was surprised to get even three good frames off of that roll.
Not worry cause I took that camera back out later that night.
More on that later.


John Romeo Alpha said...

I wonder if you could fit the innards of a digital camera into one of your antique ones...

Chandra said...

A burrito high leading to less focus leading to a banana split. All in the process of shooting photos? Hmmm...

Just kidding...I want to see how the next set of photos turn out.

Peace :)