Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sunday Early Edition

Today has laziness drills written all over it.
Stay in the Command Center and work hard on my technique.
If you know what I mean.
I got things to do!

I got some new glass for The Beast.
I was so impressed with my Signet 35 and the Ektar lens that I got an Ektar for the big camera.
The Signet!

That Ektar lens does some nice things.
So anyways, I got that Ektar for The Beast, it's the one mounted in the lens board.
I also got a wide angle lens, the one on the right not mounted in a lens board:

Which is what I need to make today.
A lens board I mean.
I already sort of made one:

The only thing is hole I cut in it is too large:

By a couple of millimeters.
I had the right hole saw, had being the operative word.
I loaned my set out and when it came back, that particular size had been damaged.
Wouldn't you know it?
So instead of aluminium I'm going to make a temp lens board out of some of that wood I got when I was making them pinhole cameras.
Should be easy enough.
So much for laziness drills.
It's okay though cause I can't wait to test that lens out!
Anyways yesterday I went out with the Photo Club:

We did some picture taking in the downtown area and the harbor.
I think the kids did okay though I won't know until Monday when I see their images.
More on yesterday later.
I got some a cutting and a sanding and mounting to do!
So off I go!


John Romeo Alpha said...

Next I am expecting some daguerreotypes, ambrotypes, and/or tintypes.

limom said...

I've been looking at tintypes for a while but still need to do the research. Also been thinking about wet plate, but don't know enough about it.