Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sunday Final

It never ends.
I think.
At least I hope it never ends.
I've shot Waikiki more times than I can count.
Well okay, I can count pretty high so it's not that much, but I've been going into Waikiki for about a year now and just when I think I've just about took all the pictures I can take, I come away with new stuff:

Okay, that includes some not so new stuff, but sort of new.
There are some images there that I can't help but take; the lens sort gravitates towards it.
Waikiki though seems to be in a constant state of flux; the faces of the street changing seemingly be the week.
Or maybe it's just how my eyeballs see it.
This is good thing.
I've stayed out of Waikiki for a couple of weeks now, partly out of boredom and partly because I've got some new fish to fry.
Going back seemed like a bit of a chore; something I just had to do.
I find that I can never tire of Waikiki:

I think it's the interaction of all the people.
People from here, people from there.
All mixed up on the crowded sidewalks, all on some personal mission.
Some actually with no mission at all, just being is good enough.
I've thought of living in Waikiki.
You know, mixing it up a bit, seeing how life goes in the concrete jungle.
I suppose it's a nice place to visit and all that but well, you know the rest.
So much to see!
If you really look.
So it is close to home:

Just when I get ready to put the camera away I find something new.
Okay, not new, just not seen.
Okay, I've seen it before, just not in that way.
I've made the walk home now a hundred times and I'm still managing to pull things out of the darkness!
Why didn't I see that before?
Why did I shoot it tonight and not all those other nights?
Why does Waikiki seem so familiar yet so different?
I can only hope that this doesn't end.
I hope it continues to look like new.
I hope I continue to find something different.
When it all starts to look the same, I know I'm done.


Trevor Woodford said...

As a photograph is 'just a moment in time' and time is forever moving on' I doubt that you will ever be done :-)

Steve A said...

No Spanish in the second photo?

Chandra said...

The nighttime outdoor shots are very nice.
Well done!

Peace :)

Khal said...

Wow. Been thirteen years since I cycled through Waikiki. Thanks for the photos and thoughts.

Do you have an opinion on the C&C's recent laws passed to get the homeless outa there?