Sunday, November 2, 2014

Sunday Early Edition

After a little break I got back out last night.
Lately I've been feeling a bit fatigued, not sure if it's my blood or too many laziness drills.
I really have to push myself to get out and about.
Anyways, I haven't taken a photograph in anger in a while, my free nights have been dedicated to learning how to use them enlargers.
I've also had trouble visualizing anything I want to take pictures of.
Well okay, I live in a place where there are lots of things to take pictures of, but I just couldn't see it.
So instead of being a potato on the couch I forced myself to pack the cameras and just go:

I also haven't shot medium format in a while, ever since I've been fooling around with that Kodak Signet.
There I am on the beach:

Some long exposure stuff.
Around twenty seconds or so, you know, just to smooth out the water.
Then the Rollei pics:

I'm gonna start shooting my Rollie more often I think, mainly because it's the largest negative I can well, enlarge.
At times I think there's nothing left out there to take pictures of and some of the shots I take are of the same subject, just at different angles.
Part of it is I'm too lazy to drive anyplace else and my territory is limited by how far I want to walk.
Which actually is pretty far.
How far I walk I mean.
I could walk a lot more if I wasn't lugging around like a GAGILLION pounds of camera crap.
What I'm finding though is that there's a ton of stuff that I miss.
I think it's frame of mind and mood that dictates what I see and how I see it.
The streets are also dynamic and there's always something different out there to see and capture.
Just got to get out.
Which I'm working on.
More pics from last night later.


Chandra said...

All are nice.
My favorite is the 4th from the top! Top, ya (thumbs-up)!!

Peace :)

limom said...