Friday, March 1, 2013

More Filteration

It never does end.
Does it?
The never ending Quest for More(QFM).
It's okay, as long as you use it.
Okay, I'm buying into that one.
So anyways, more filters:

I decided that I could use some real Neutral Density filters.
Non graduated type.
I need them to slow down the ole shutter speed.
Then I was reading about this other filter, a blue/yellow polarizer and I just had to try it:

Thank you eVilness.
Some of the shots that I saw taken with it looked nice although I was warned it also produced freakish results.
Um, okay.
Well I wasn't real happy with the shots I took of the Honolulu Skyline, so with new filters in hand, off I went!
I took some earlier shots of downtown Honolulu but I can't show em to you cause they're being judged at the local Canon contest and I'm not supposed to publish them.
Well, these here are new so I suppose it's okay.
Here's the image without any filter:

With the yellow part:

Taken from the other side of Honolulu harbor.
Definitely adds some warmth.
The filter does I mean.
Now the blue part:

Actually I sort of like it!
That was taken with the blue/yellow polarizer with a couple of ND filters stacked in front so I could slow down the shutter.
I was trying to smooth out the water, but I couldn't stop down enough so a 10 stop filter is on the way.
I spare no expense for you, the reader.
Don't you know.
I also got some nice stuff at sunset(see header shot), but I'll get to that later as tomorrow I'm taking a couple of students out for a sunset/night shoot.
We'll see how that goes.
Also in the mail was my new circular polarizer.
More on that later.

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