Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday Early Edition

Oh boy.
Not a good Oh Boy! but a not so good oh boy.
Looks like the Flat Tire Command Center is moving after all.
I think I'm going to be a bit busy this next two months figuring out where I'm going to put all my cra-, uh, treasures.
Lemme tell you, I got a lot of treasures!
More on this later.
I'm still going through the paces with the New Camera, still making a lot of mistakes and learning how to set all the well, settings.
I'm at the point where it's after I take the picture I realize what the setting were supposed to be.
Sort of like two steps behind.
If you know what I mean.
The basketball pictures are getting better as the New Camera(NC) seems to have a better auto focus thingy:

I gotta say, the NC makes me want to go out and take pictures.
I mean the other camera was nice and all, but it was like just a camera.
The NC is like a Super Camera(SC!)!
Sort of.
I like taking pictures with it, which is the main thing:

It will help me document the Great Move and I'm thinking I'm going to find some Great Treasure once I start excavating the old site.
I mean cleaning up.
Or something.
First off, I gotta decide which bicycles I'm going keep since I don't think the new Command Center can take more than  two or three bicycles.
Then I have to decide which books I can keep since I won't have any library space like I do now.
It's a balancing act:

Don't you know.
More on the Great Flat Tire Excavation(GFTE).


Big Oak said...

Yes, I would concur, your NC definitely is a SC.

I really like that second photo. Very well done!

Mark said...

Nice work.
If you get bored with the manual for that camera, I am reading a pretty awesome photography book. The Passionate Photographer by scott simon. You should check it out.

I have been looking at a ton of photography stuff online lately too. has some videos under their learn tab that are very entertaining and educational.

They have a series called pro photographer cheap camera thats great. Also there is a pro called Zack Arias that really gives a lot of his time toward other photographers.

He has answered 1000 questions on his tumbler. Some of them are really great questions and answers.

Anyway, just in case you get tired of reading that manual.

Ron Labrador said...

i could understand your dilemma w bikes. although i only ride 2 road bikes regularly, i couldnt get myself to sell the others.

rlove2bike said...

2 or 3 bicycles?? noooo

Trevor Woodford said...

There is always space for your bikes no matter how many that might be - just get rid of some furniture.!!

I've recently bought a new camera and I too am enjoying that magical learning process that you always have with an item of photographic equipment....


limom said...

Big Oak, thanks!

Mark, Going through the manual a second time. I also got one of them "get the most our of your Dxxx books on the way.
You know, in case I missed something.
Thanks for the recommendations.

Ron, at least one of them will have to go.
I am sad.

rlove2bike, see above.

Trevor, what did you get?
What did you get?
Finally, what did you get?

Trevor Woodford said...

I bought a FUJI X-PRO1 plus 3 prime lenses and a zoom.
Not the sort of camera that I would think would suit your needs, as it wouldn't be good for sports photography.... I have always been a Leica man with film and as such like 'rangefinder' style cameras. Although the X-PRO1 isn't a true rangefinder it is based on that style. Unfortunately a Digital Leica would have set me back more that I was able to spend. This whole set up was about half the cost that the Leica body only would have cost me.


limom said...

I took a hard look at the Fuji x series.
That's an awesome set up!
I wanted to go full frame though.
I'll take a look a the new x20 later.
I dig the retro styling.

Trevor Woodford said...

With the X20, Fuji seem to have put right some of the shortcomings of the X10. I have had an X10 for about 18 months and for a small compact style camera it is pretty good. The changes made with the new model should make it nigh on perfect for it's type.