Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sunday Early Edition

Vintage day.
Sort of.
I mean this is all about stuff from the olden days that I used today.
Well this week anyways.
First we got this:

Kodak Cresta 3.
Made in England, I don't think you see too many of them here.
Here meaning the USA.
It shoots 120 film, pretty well too:

Not the sharpest tool in the shed, but very nice for a point and shoot camera!
Probably the cheapest way to get into Medium Format photography as the camera only cost me 20 bucks!
I'm beginning to appreciate the simplicity of these Olden Days Vintage Retro Throw Back Cameras (ODVRTBC).
Wind, point, shoot!
I also got me one of these:

The Kodak Pony 135 only cost me 10 bucks.
As you can see it shoots 35mm and I'm not liking it so much:

The lens is zone focusing which means that well, that you have to focus.
Me no likee focusee the lensee.
Point and shoot baby!
How do these point and shoot cameras focus anyways?
It's like, like magic!
Okay, that Pony camera does have some potential but I got to fool around with it a bit more.
The last three pictures were taken with 27 year old expired film, Kodak Plus X.
I won it in an auction for essentially 10 bucks and it looks pretty good.
More on that later as I'm still doing some test shots.
Later on today.
After my laziness drills.
Anyways them ODVRTBCs are fun use and are sort of a diversion from the Sort of High Tech Olden Days Vintage Retro Throw Back Cameras (SOHTODVRTBC) I usually shoot.
Get some color film and you too can have fun for less than the cost of a twelve pack.
I think.
About the cost of a twelve pack I mean.


Chandra said...

How many cameras do you have now?
You must be having a lot of fun.
Enjoy it mate!
Peace :)

limom said...

I got waaaay toooo many!
Culling the herd as we speak and yes it is!
Fun I mean.
Sort of.