Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sunday Final

What a day.
Okay, not really.
I mean it was a day, but it really wasn't like a real whew! day.
I went out and came back fairly early and spent the rest of day/night developing and scanning film.
It was a retro kind of day.
First there was this:

It seems like cameras fall from trees around these parts!
Kodak Signet 35 circa 1950 or so.
When I first got it I thought it was broke, you know, one of them 'as is' purchases, but after fooling with it a bit I got it to go.
Seems it needed some film in order for the shutter to fire.

The old man can take some pictures!
Not me, the camera!
Okay, I'm kinda old too.
Double ahem.
Another great surprise, that oldfangled thing is pretty darn sharp!
Almost digital like.
Sort of.
Then I busted out the ole Kodak Cresta II:

The more I shoot that camera the more I like it.
Not the sharpest but certainly has a look that I like.
Then came the pinhole camera:

The more I shoot pinhole, the more I like that too.
Especially since I made that camera with my own two hands.
Sort of.
I mean I did use a band saw and a drill press.
Though I like pics that are nice and crispy, there's something about the softness of pinhole that I'm starting to appreciate.
I really need to pic my shots though.
Then it was the Big Pinhole:

Okay, not really a big pinhole, but a big format; 4x5.
As you can see I doubled up and even tripled up on some shots just in case of user error.
New film don't you know.
I also figured that the large format, 4x5, isn't really worth shooting pinhole.
For one thing it costs about a dollar a shot, for another, whatever 4x5 can do 120 can do the same.
More on large format later.
I also shot my Zeiss Ikon Contessa, but I didn't finish the roll, maybe tomorrow.
So it was a very retro photo day.
I kinda like it, using cameras I made and cameras from ancient times.
Once again, my photography is moving in another direction.
I did take some digital shots:

You know, just for fun.
Anyways, I got do some laziness drills as I covered a lot of ground today.
I'm off tomorrow too and I'd like to get out early to fool around some more.
About the getting out early part.

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