Saturday, November 15, 2014

It Never Gets Old

Well okay, it sort of does.
I mean if you've seen one, you've seen them all.

I suppose though, if you live here long enough, all my life in my case, you start to take them sunsets for granted.
Ho hum.
I spent all summer two years ago just taking pictures of sunsets and lemme tell you, they never get boring.
Each one is different, sort of, and everyday, when I get the chance, I look to the afternoon sky to try and guess what the sunset will look like.
Today, I said, it's going to be good.
Well, it was okay.
I mean it was nice and all, but as far as sunsets go, I've seen better.
I did sit for a while and admire.
Then I saw the pics:

Everyday, it's like the solar system gives you a present.
Here, it says, but don't unwrap it now.
Wait for it.
Oh yeah baby.
I've said before that I like twilight more than the fireworks and tonight was really nice.
I was using my wide angle and all of these shots were under exposed.
I forgot I was shooting at f4.
I had to boost the exposures a bit but I swear I didn't mess with the color.
Where did those blues come from?
I walked along the as it got dark and boy I wished I was back in another life with a cold beverage in my hand.
Preferably one with an umbrella in it.
Sometimes I'm out walking around and I don't pay any attention to the setting sun; I know it's there.
I mean it's getting dark right?
From know on though, I'll be doing more than just giving it a glance over my shoulder.
I'll tip my hat in thanks, thanks for the gift that keeps on giving.
It happens everyday, but it never gets old.


Trevor Woodford said...

As you say..."it's the gift that keeps on giving".
Thanks for reminding me how great it is...

limom said...

sometimes I have to remind myself...