Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Putting It Together

The other night I packed up the cameras and jumped in the car to check out one of my old haunts.
Back when I lived in the warehouse, I used to ride my bicycle there all the time and it's sort of where my photography started:

The long road out at Lagoon Drive.
It's out by the airport to it has a nice view looking back at the city:

I finally figured out why the images are different sizes.
It's me.
I select the scanning area of the negative manually.
The scanner can't do it automatically since the negatives are so dark.
I guess my selecting isn't exact so the scans come out at different sizes.
Anyways, I was out there to try and put together a triptych:

Some/most of these night triptychs are difficult mainly because of the difference in lighting.
From left to right, the light may change as much as three or four stops and you sort of gotta go with your best guess.
This one was interesting because the light was so far away and the further the light is, no matter the brightness, the intensity is lower.
You choice is mainly overblow the lights and lighten the shadow in the foreground, or kill the foreground and get the lights right.
Or I could have used a graduated ND filter but I don't have one for this camera.
So anyways, that turned out okay so I figured let me try and print it out:

So I took the digital print and tried to frame each panel on the easel.
The light is magenta cause I'm using a no.3 contrast filter on the enlarger.
It must have been some kind of miracle cause when I lined up the first image, the other three pretty lined up all by themselves.
You can see a piece of tape on the right side of easel to mark the horizon.
I think it's the way the camera and the Rolleipanoramathingamajiggy work together.
The way the pictures are taken use the same amount of crop to line up the images.
We'll see as I'm gonna try anther one later.
Triptych I mean.
The 8x8 prints:

I've framed them with some cheapo frames but I'm gonna go to the craft place today and get them cheapo frames with the really thin well, frames and hang the three right next to each other.
I've done some way nicer triptychs and I'm hot to print and hang them.
I also went out the other day and got some really nice shots of Ala Wai Yacht Harbor.
It was one of those days that I didn't really feel good about but when I scanned the film I was really stoked.
More on that later.

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