Saturday, March 6, 2010

Quest for Tire(s)

Quest for Tire(s), the epic story of primitive man's struggle to find tire(s) while wandering the internet wasteland. Follow his journey of action and adventure as he searches for the secret of tire(s).
Will he find it?
Where will he find it?
What more will he find?
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So I was looking at my tire the other day, you know, when I got my flat. I was thinking that I they been looking a little peeked and worn.
Well, the thing to do is to rotate them, front to back.
Yes, even us bicycle people rotate tires. It seems that the rear tires wear faster than the front tires; must be all that massive power my legs are putting out.
Still, even with rotating, I figure I got about another five hundred miles left in em. I mean they aren't like bald or anything, but they are beginning to flatten out so in a sense, even though they are still round, they are flat.
Round flat tires.
Which in my mind means they are slowing me down.
Since I also have another bike, I can always use a set of emergency spare tires. I call them emergency spares tires because I also have a set of designated spare tires that have been sitting unused for like a year.
You can never have enough tires don't you know.
So as my journey began, I was looking around for a specific type and size of tire.
Of course I could always go and get the same ones I got now, but let's face it, that would be too easy.
Half the fun is searching for the tires and learning about them so that by the time you are done, you know everything there is to know about bicycle tires.
Okay, I don't know much about bicycle tires; I just buy em by the way they look.
Aesthetics is everything.
Anyways, I got a couple of tires that I'm liking but none of the places seem to have the size I want in stock. Well, some places have them in stock but they want like full price for them and I have a hard time paying full price. For tires anyway.
Tires are known as wear and tear items meaning they are going to wear out or breakdown. Not a good investment.
The thing is, the tires I would like to get cost as much as a freakin car tire!
How does one bicycle tire cost the same as a car tire?
Okay, the car tire is really cheap and the bicycle tire is really expensive, but I bet you could get like five or six bicycle tires out of that one car tire.
Seems like some kind of conspiracy to me.
Still, I need them.
Or do I?
Seems like an awful amount of money to be paying for two pieces of rubber that keep me in contact with the road through rain, mud, dirt, sand and gravel. The worst part is knowing is that in the end, they are going to let me down by wearing out and I'm going to have to find new ones to replace them.
Seems like you can't live with them, and you can't live without them.
I'm going to have to make up my mind PDQ cause if you haven't already guessed, I got some new wheels on the way.
Well, maybe it doesn't matter for the wheels will get here first so I'll be using my old tires for a bit anyways.
Or I could use my spare tires.
Quest for tires.
This really shouldn't be that hard.
I mean after all, they are just tires.


John Romeo Alpha said...

Augh Og! Augh! Augh-augh augh augh!

(That's Quest for Fire speak for "Hey Og, looks like you need some new tires! Even though the wheel hasn't been invented yet. Or the bicycle. But look we have fire so everything is cool. Oh dang it, the fire went out when I dropped it into the swamp. Sorry guys!")

limom said...

Lightning will strike and save me I'm sure.