Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wednesday, It All Boiled Down to This

Tactical error this morning.
I should have gone on my Epic Ride, but I had planned for Friday and now the weather is not looking so good.
In the morning it was clear with calm winds.
I stayed home.
Bad decision.
So anyways, I rode the steel Allez yesterday and liked it enough to really start thinking about it. The handlebar drop is aggressive for me though if I flip the stem it might turn out okay. The downtube shifters are indexed and since the frame is so small, the levers are located just under the top tube, perfect for shifting.
It's a nice bike.
I have to wonder why bikes jump in size from a 48-49 to a 52. There are companies out there that make 50cm bikes, but they are sort of rare.
I guess seat tube length is not a good way to size anyway; I try to go by the top tube length.
It sucks being right in the middle of the sizing line up though.
I'm not sure what's up with the spoke tension on my wheels. They're spinning true so I don't think that's the problem. After doing some reading, I re-aligned my disc calipers and put some Triflo on the spokes where they intersect. I hope that helps.
I figured I might as well take it easy today since I had it sort of bad last night. I went at it a little too hard at dialysis and my legs cramped up like you wouldn't believe. I even got stuck on the stairs to the parking lot.
So off I went to celebrate St. Patricks Day.
Of course I don't drink anymore so I did the next best thing:

Oh wait, that was my lunch.
Here's what I'm talking about:

That's right sports fans! Corned beef and cabbage! FTW!
Except that I suffered a tragic loss while in the store. I had already grabbed my stuff and was headed for the check out when with my arm I clipped one of the pillars in the middle of the store and:

Over ten years I've had that watch and now I break the crystal!
I couldn't believe my freakin eyes.
I mean I just barely touched that freakin pillar!
Boy, let me tell you, it's like losing a good friend. Then again it's one of the last personal items I have from that other life so maybe it was time.
Get it? It was time?
I don't think I'll be able to find a replacement crystal, so I guess my watch is pretty much toast. I'll call around and see.
Not even getting this in the mail could cheer me up:

I tried my best to walk on sunshine, but it just wasn't happening. My Jack Black impression isn't that good.
The rains came at around five, so the weatherman was indeed correct:

I just hope he is correct about it passing over by Friday. I got my map and was planning out a route. Maybe I can get my Epic Ride in after all.
Anyways today, it all boiled down to this:

And wouldn't you know it?
I'm all out of Grey Poupon.

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