Friday, March 19, 2010

Tour d'Honolulu Pt.II

Onward to:

What the city wants to do is develop the whole waterfront area from the harbor to Ala Moana. Ala Moana is the beach where the locals hang out and it covers the area before Waikiki proper:

For a holiday, wasn't much going on there. Well, I guess the regulars were out in force.
I'll probably be joining these guys soon:

Nestled in between the Hilton Hawaiian Village and the Sheraton is Fort DeRussy. What the military does there I have no clue. The military owned Hale Koa hotel is there as is the Army Museum:

The museum was built into an old gun emplacement hence the name Battery Randolph. I was in there years ago and it's worth it to find the parking and check it out.
I dig tanks:

Waikiki has undergone a nice transformation over the years. It used to be sort of dirty and run down, but now the sidewalks are clean the buildings have a new look.
Kalakaua Avenue:

Certain parts of the beach are still crowded:

And some parts not so crowded:

The far side of Waikiki is where I used to hang out. On my days off I'd grab my favorite cold beverage, a good book, and go here:

There used to be a simple set of steps that led to the water, but now as you can see, there is handicap access. The steps were behind the Waikiki Aquarium and next to the War Memorial:

It's memorial for World War I vets and used to be a saltwater pool. Duke Kahanamoku, the Olympic medalist, used to swim there.
It's been closed for decades:

The Kapiolani Park Fountain at the foot of Diamond Head:

Next up: Around the Horn and heading for home.

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