Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Weatherman Says? Chain-l, Wheel Set Updates

All this week we're supposed to have this freaky weather.
Take yesterday for instance. It looked pretty clear when I left the house.
I even had time to sit around Tamura's and have a snack:

That's a world famous Jones Strawberry Lime Soda and some vegetarian chocolate chip cookie or something. It was pretty good, the cookie I mean.
So anyways, I'm heading back into Kailua when clouds start to roll in. Still, it's not like normal rain clouds.
This is what it looked like straight ahead:

And this is what it looked like if I looked to my left(ocean side, or makai):

Now these picture were taken literally seconds apart, from exactly the same place. If I was a weatherman here, I'd quit my job and do something more predictable, like shooting craps.
Then again, if you predict "partly sunny with chance of rain" everyday, you wouldn't be too far off the mark.
This is what happened just as I got home:

Now the weather prediction for today is pretty much the same. Except this is what it looked like today:

The city crew was painting a solid yellow stripe down the middle of the path so I had to detour closer to the beach.
Rain? What rain?
Here's the other side; some clouds are rolling in over the Marine Base:

The thing is, it could be freaking pouring rain on the other side of island and this is what it looks like here.
I was holding off doing my Epic Journey, but I think I'll give it go either tomorrow or Friday.
Weather permitting.
Chain-l No.5 update:
Still smooth shifting after thirty miles. Did attract some dirt and sand mostly on the derailleur idlers, but it cleaned right up. You are supposed to give it wipe down after every ride, so that's normal I guess.
We'll see how long this stuff lasts.
Wheel update:
The winds have finally died down enough for me to really evaluate these wheels. I have about a hundred miles on them so far and have found a couple of things that bother me.
The rear seemed a bit squirrely, but I attributed that to the wind. Today, I noticed it again going over some bumps and while turning hard. When going up small rollers or when stepping on the gas, I can hear the rear spokes singing to me. Sort of a pinging sound only on hard accelerations.
Must be the massive amount of power my legs are making.
I called Universal Cycles and they said to have the spoke tensions checked. I'll do that today. Maybe they settled in or something.
The Chris King hubs are still quiet. I don't know where they got the reputation of being so loud.
Evil Hoku's Fulcrums are way louder than this. I think even the Mavic Ksyriums Equipes I had on the Allez were louder.
Anyways, off I go to test ride that steel Allez.
I hope I don't like it.


dogimo said...

That's the reddest soda I ever saw.

I haven't been too happy with the Joneses I've tried! But I may have to give that one a pop.

limom said...

The Cream, Orange Cream, and Strawberry Lime are the only ones I drink.
The Apple and Bubble Gum are too goofy for me.