Sunday, March 28, 2010

le Connaisseur de la Musique

The meilleur Led Zeppelin song is The Rain Song.
There, it has been spoken from my lips so il est vrai!
Ne laisser pas others tell you different, for it is certainly so.
Et how did le Connaissure de la Musique come to such a bold conclusion?
Avec mes oreilles!
I will go so far as to say that the whole album, the Houses of the Holy is le plus grand Led Zeppelin Album of All Time(LPGLZAOAT)!

There is not one, how do you say, feeble song on the record.
Of course, je ne reconnaitre pas The Grunge.
Je ne sais pas where that song came from.
Perhaps it was to go on Presence?
Or maybe they were saving it for Coda?
Of course there are many many Led Zeppelin records to consider for this high honor.
Do you not think?
Led Zeppelin IV?
In Through the Out Door?
Physical Graffiti perhaps?
Mais non!
There can be only one plus grand Led Zeppelin record and Houses of the Holy has been declared the winner!
Only one record is able to porter le maillot jeune!
Il est le plus grand Led Zeppelin Album of All Time(LPGLZAOAT)!
Do not argue avec moi.
It is so.
The bijou of the record is The Rain Song.
There is beaucoup vrai in the words "upon us all a little rain must fall."
M. Page and M. Plant were visited by the gods of chanson when they wrote the composition.
Qu'est-ce que c'est?
Tu voudrais argumenter?
Non, it is not allowed.
What le Connaisseur de la Musique says, it withstands the test of all time!
The Houses of the Holy is informidable!

Next on le Connaisseur de la Musique: Why Aha's Take on Me is the Greatest Pop Song of All Time(GPSOAT).

Views expressed by le Connaisseur de la Music do not in any way reflect the opinions of The Flat Tire or its staff.


John Romeo Alpha said...

I've often considered what music I would want them to play to try to roust me from a coma if the normal stuff didn't work. For JRA, it would be Physical Graffiti. If my feet aren't tapping by the end of disc two, there's no hope. Wait, put on Houses, perhaps le Connaisseur was correct.

dogimo said...

Led Zep II for me.

I'm with you on the A-ha, although, how do you account for 'Til Tuesday's "Voices Carry" under such a scheme?

limom said...

M. JRA, to wake up from a sleep interminable, oui, Physical Graffiti! Perhaps you are un petit Connaisseur?
M. Dogimo, Non! Ne s’opposer pas avec le Connaisseur! OK, Led Zeppelin III est bon, mais Houses of the Holy est le plus grand !
Et Voices Carry ? Je suis desolé, Take on Me est premier et Big Country est deuxième !

limom said...

le Connaisseru de la Musique said that!

John Romeo Alpha said...

Oh, mais non, le C favors me with a title of un petit Connaisseur. But, I wonder, would you enjoy un petit hors d'oeuvre de le Hocus Pocus?

limom said...

le Connaisseru de la Musique a dit:
Trés bien! Le video me rappelle de Grand Funk Chemin de Fer!