Friday, March 19, 2010

Tour d'Honolulu

I started off at nine sharp.
The weather was so so:

The first thing I had to do was get out the industrial area and hit the highway. Thankfully, there's a bike path that goes all the way to downtown. By the time I hit Honolulu Harbor, the sky had cleared and the sun was shining.
I think the boat passengers were happy:

Harbor Fire boat:

There is a Maritime Museum there also, but it closed because of the economy. Here's the Falls of Clyde, an iron hulled sailing ship:

It was supposed to go into dry dock. You can see all the rust at the waterline. The masts have also been taken down. It was a fine ship when it was fully rigged.
A propeller. Or is it a screw?

The obligatory shot of Aloha Tower:

I headed east toward Waikiki.
Into the wind.
I stopped off at Kakaako Park. The park was built over what used to be city landfill. Here's the old incinerator, you can see the smoke stack:

They renovated it and opened up the Hawaii Children's Discover Center where they hold educational activities. The kids were out in force at the park today:

They were using cardboard to slide down the grass hill. I remember doing that back in small kid time.
Also located at the park are a couple of surf breaks. The one just outside is called "Flies." It was a dump remember?
The other place is called "Point Panics." It sits just at the harbor entrance:

I don't know exactly why it's called Point Panics, but it's proximity to the sea wall may have something to do with it:

Next up, The Urban Jungle:


John Romeo Alpha said...

That looks great! You'll have to tell if the tour is hilly or flat, too. Are there any alps on the route?

limom said...

No hills.