Wednesday, March 24, 2010

HMC, Slow Foot, Rap

Yesterday I sent off my entry form for the Haleiwa Metric Century Ride that takes place next month on the twenty fifth.
I was going to do this ride last year, but I chickened out. It's a sort of far drive out to Haleiwa from where I am, and I didn't want to do it alone.
This year though, I have the Evil Hoku signed up, and my brother turned his form in also.
I'm pretty stoked.
I haven't been to the North Shore for years, so there's probably a lot that's changed. Then again, it's the North Shore, and not much really changes there.
That's why it's cool.
I got my Cateye V2 computer the other day:

I'm sort of regretting it.
I mean, I really didn't need another computer to tell me how slow I am.
The cadence feature is what I wanted though.
Well, I got what I wished for and now I know exactly how slow my cadence is.
I think I liked it better when I was guessing.
At least before, I could lie.
The Cateye is pretty nice though. It has all kinds of useless stuff like a lap timer and a mileage countdown thingy, and of course the cursed average cadence.
Which I will not get into at this time.
The sensor mountings are nice and clean:

Everything attaches to the non drive side chainstay. The only thing is the cadence sensor sort of sticks out and it makes me a bit nervous.
It's a little too close to the heel for comfort.
The readout mount is simple too:

It can be mounted both on the stem or the handlebars. When it's mounted on the stem though, there's no attitude adjustment. There may be a problem with glare during the day.
The display is also smaller than what I'm used to. It is back lighted so that's good if you ride at night.
Set up is easy. Follow the directions and you will have no problems.
Oh wait. I do have one problem with the odometer. It's not accumulating the mileage like it's supposed to. I think it's user error though.
I think I have to reset it and see.
The thing is, now that I have all this high tech stuff, I suppose I should get faster.
Or thinner.
Or something.
I have to admit, riding my bicycle has taken on a whole new purpose. It was always about my health, and it was also about getting off the couch and getting outside.
Now it's about increasing my performance, and it was never supposed to be about that.
I guess I should start worrying if I start looking at PowerTaps or SRMs.
It's all good.
As long as I'm on a bike.
Now, about Rap.
So anyways, I was on YouTube the other day looking at music videos by Swing Out Sister.
No, not rap music.
Rap Replinger was a local comedian who elevated pidgin and local culture. Sadly, he is no longer with us, but his brilliance lives on.
Your lesson in talkin da kine pidgin can be found here. Also check out "Room Service," and "Fate Yanagi."
The clips are part of television production called Rap's Hawaii.
Soon, you too can talk like a local.


John Romeo Alpha said...

I bet you could get a fairly high cadence if you just totally forget about the idea of speed. Just pick a super easy gear and see what cadence you can maintain with control and without bouncing, paying no attention to the speed. I think there's value in practice like that, to kind of teach your legs what it feels like to make faster circles.

limom said...

I feel like I'm between gears. It's difficult for me to maintain high cadence with low resistance.
I hear you though. I used to do that and it did help me hit higher revs.
I think I just need to work on power so I can maintain a higher cadence.