Thursday, April 11, 2013

It's In The Bag

Or Whole Lotta Baggage.
Or The Bag Makes the Man.
Or something.
All I know is I got some bags.
Like in camera bags:

I didn't plan it like this.
Just sort of snuck up on me.
I mean I blinked and there they were.
Staring back at me.
I don't use Baby Bag anymore:

I'd sell it, but I wrote my name on it.
I guess I'll keep it.
You know, for the next camera.
I did put Big Brother Bag on the CL:

It only lasted two month before I outgrew it.
Hopefully I won't be looking at it for much longer.
It reminds me of my, sickness.
For now I have Mama Bag:

Now I'm looking all PRO.
I needed Mama Bag cause I just couldn't stuff anything else in Big Brother Bag.
Not safely anyways.
Then there's Papa Bag:

The 747 Jumbo Jet of bags.
Okay, now I guess it's like the Airbus A380:

I still call things really big 747 out of nostalgia.
I guess.
So anyways, I was looking at all these bags.
Shocked, I was.
There's more:

That's not really a bag, it's more like a case but it holds a camera so I suppose it counts.
I actually have another bag here at school but I'm too lazy to take a picture of it and what we really need here is another picture of a camera bag.
How about a tripod bag?

It doesn't look like a bag but that thing that came in the box on the left goes in it.
I keep asking myself, why would I need a bag for my tripod?
If anything was tool and not a jewel, a tripod would be it.
You know what would be really cool?
A bag so I could put all these other bags in.
I think they call that a trash bag.
Okay, enough bags.
For now.


Mark said...

I have had the same experience. There is a used camera store here in town. Fortunately I have been able to trade bags.

Now that I am in retro rangefinder land I find myself looking for a new bag.

Steve A said...

The 747 STILL rules as "the Queen of the Skies."

Anonymous said...

It's a sickness...