Friday, April 26, 2013

On The Silver Screen

Oh yeah baby!
The big time!
Kinda sorta.
I mean it was the Big Screen.
You'll see.
Anyways, yesterday I went and helped out a teacher at my old school.
I admit, sometimes I miss the folks I used to work with.
Some folks.
So every year they, I mean she, puts on a film festival.  This year, the school auditorium roof collapsed during a big rain, so she rented out a local theatre.
Bright lights!
Red carpet!
Okay, not really.
I helped to chaperone (I don't really like that word, I don't know why) a before party.  There was a cool band:

The kids had pizza and got a chance to mingle like celebs and awards were given out.
The jury for the show included some local icons and some international film makers so the students were pretty stoked to get their plaques.
After the before it was off to the theatre:

Attendance was great!
All the available tickets were issued so technically it was sold out.
The line to get in ran around the block!
Sort of.
I have to say, this year was awesome.
Last year was awesome too, but having it in a real theatre was like going PRO.
If you know what I mean.
I think the student/film makers were impressed too.
The shorts ran about two hours long and the audience was a captured one:

I'm hoping to do something like this next year at my school too.
Well, maybe not as spectacular at first, but you gotta start somewhere.
Don't you know.
Anyways, I appreciated being invited even though I don't even work at that school anymore.
Putting on film festival like that takes a lot of time and teachers willing to put that kind of work in are well, let's just say an asset to their schools.
I can only try.
Well done Christine!


Steve A said...

Chaperone - the old personwho dampens down the festivity at high school dances. I can see why you aren't comfortable with the term.

limom said...

Boy, if they only knew what I used to do at high school dances.
In another life.
Don't you know.