Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sunday Early Edition

The Late Early Edition.
Cause today, I'm working on Doing Nothing.
Gonna go PRO any day now.
Except for this.
Actually writing this up is sort of like doing something so it's not really nothing.
I should stop.
Hurting the PRO status and all.
Anyways, let's document:

8:00 am- woke up.
Sort of like something, but I'm not counting actual movement.
I just sort of lay there anyways.

9:00 am- got breakfast.
Okay, this is sort of something too, but not really.
Trust me.

9:10 am- ate breakfast.
Sort of a continuation of getting breakfast.
Ain't nothing.
No, really.

9:22- Law & Order on Netflix.
The real Doing Nothing(DN) begins.

10:22 am- more Law & Order.
Ate a cookie.

11:22 am- L&O.
Ate another cookie.
Elevating my PRO status.

12:22 pm- writing the blog.
PRO status in question.

Just think of all the endorsements I can get from folks like Lazyboy, Doritos, the folks with the sleep number bed, etc.
So to keep my PRO status from being tarnished, I'm gonna stop now and go back to DN.
Lemme tell you it ain't easy for sometimes I really feel like I should do something.
I have to use all my will power and Jedi Skilz to stay attached to the couch.
Boy, the things I do for you, the reader!
Anyways, the baseball game starts in a half hour so that's another three hours of DN to log.
Remember, I am a PROfessional so don't try this at home.
If you know what I mean.

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