Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Zoo

First I was happy!
Then I was sad.
Then I didn't know exactly how I felt.
I still don't.
The natives were getting restless, you know, begging me to take them somewhere cause apparently they don't get to go nowhere.
Since the next photography assignment was going to be Animals, I figured okay, let's all go to the zoo.
Yay! The Zoo!
I loves me some animals!
So off we went!
No really.
Off they went.
Once we hit the gate it was like herding wild horses: I had no control at all.
Not that I know what herding wild horses is like, I can only imagine it's like trying to get a grip on thirty kids running wild.
Okay, they weren't exactly running wild, they were just sort of dispersing in all different directions.
Thankfully they all came out and ended up at the rally point.
Anyways, it was the Zoo!
Oh yeah baby!
Unfortunately, it was like siesta time for all the animals:

High noon is not prime time at the zoo.
Everybody's sleeping!
You over there!
Wake up!
Not a chance.
Some smaller critters were awake:

As well as some larger:

My second favorite zoo animal was awake and well, it was awake.
Wait for it.
That's right!

Oh boy, I'm digging me some giraffes!

Look at that!
That is what I call a pencil neck!
Giraffes are still cool.
I could have sat there all day just watching them.
There's a post somewhere around here all about my giraffe infatuation, but I'm too lazy to find it.
Anyways it has something to do with a constellation and Dali.
I say they are my second favorite cause the bestest was the white rhino.
The second largest land mammal on the face of the planet.
Sort of like a Claes Oldenburg sculpture of a rhino cause them things are humungous!
Unfortunately our white rhino passed away sometime back, my he/she rest in peace.
Something happened while I reminiscing about the white rhino.
I started to think of all these animals in cages.
I mean I have to think that there's something primal, something instinctive, that makes them wanna be running around free.
Okay, the lions looked like they were pretty happy snoozing over there, but some of them other animals live in smallish enclosures and they didn't look to keen on life.
Maybe it was the time of day, you know, they all looked listless and bored, but I started to feel sort of uncomfortable that here I was enjoying their captivity.
Boy, that made me sad.
Then I started to think okay, it's good that they're getting three hots and a cot and they don't have to worry about being eaten by some other animal or getting poached or something, but still I was having a hard time rationalizing it all.
I don't know if I can.
All I know is that once we take hold of these creatures we have a responsibility to them.
What that responsibility is, I'm not sure and I'm not sure if we are accomplishing it.
I'll try and go back to the zoo soon.
Maybe the animals will look happier.

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